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We implemented Salesforce two years ago and it’s been amazing at helping us grow. The team really supports us as a business.”

Zoë Morris, President, Frank Recruitment Group
2,000 employees
Salesforce customer since 2017


Employees got a 360-degree view of customers in 6 months


Tenth Revolution Group helps IT specialists land their dream career with Salesforce

Forget everything you think you know about transferrable skills. The future generation of employers may not even be interested in your current career or your current skills, instead they will want to understand your future potential because the jobs of the future are not yet known. Today cloud talent solutions firm, Tenth Revolution Group, doesn’t just help to fill roles, it helps candidates learn desirable new skills so they can land their next dream job. And the one after that.

“Career paths in the IT sector are changing. People don’t just stick to a single technology discipline anymore; they have to be able to diversify and explore new roles,” explained Mark Hill, CIO of Tenth Revolution Group. “As an example, in Salesforce, we can offer lifetime value to jobseekers and recruiters as people continuously refresh their skills and look for new career opportunities.”

Helping organisations plug IT skills gaps.

Tenth Revolution Group operates two main divisions—Frank Recruitment Group and Revolent Group— that respectively recruit and develop the best talent in the technology sector. They serve approximately 1 million job-hunters and 30,000 B2B customers globally from 21 offices across the world.

“We don’t just match talent to vacancies, we provide training to create talent,” added Nabila Salem, President of Revolent Group, a global cloud talent creation firm dedicated to training and placing cloud specialists, including new Salesforce Trailblazers. “The demand for skills around cloud is outstripping demand. We’re on a mission to help experienced professionals gain new skills to plug that gap – we’re essentially offering talent-as-a-service to recruiting companies by building long-term partnerships.”

In fact, a report by IDC predicts that the Salesforce ecosystem alone will generate 3.3 million new jobs by 2022.

Digitalisation gives Tenth Revolution Group a head start during the pandemic.

Industries all over the world were shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic, and in response to the shift to home working, 82% of organisations increased their use of cloud technology, sending demand for cloud specialists rocketing. “The move to cloud was inevitable, but the pandemic accelerated that change. Organisations that can’t adapt fast will simply be left behind,” said Hill.

Tenth Revolution Group had a head start. The company embarked on its digital transformation in 2017 and had already implemented a full CRM and recruitment management solution built on the Salesforce Platform, including Pardot and Chatter.

Prior to implementing Salesforce, Tenth Revolution Group had nine disparate CRM platforms, which made it difficult to unlock data insights and automate processes.


When I joined the company, I was on a mission to help the business become more agile and efficient. With Salesforce, we have transformed how our people work and provided them with 360-degree visibility of our B2B and B2C customers.”

- Mark Hill, CIO, Tenth Revolution Group

Customised solution for 2,000 employees implemented in six months.

When the company began looking for a solution to underpin its transformation, it found that ready-made recruitment platforms lacked the potential for long-term innovation. As Hill explained, “We wanted to own our own destiny and go far beyond the here and now. Salesforce was a breath of fresh air. I knew it was the right platform for us as soon as we met the team.”

Like any true Trailblazer, Hill’s plans were big and bold. He wanted to build a fully customised solution based on the Salesforce Platform and implement Pardot, the B2B email marketing solution, to thousands of users across nine countries – and do it all in six months. Thanks to the support of a dedicated 30-strong team, which included internal colleagues, specialist freelancers, a Salesforce Platinum partner and two Salesforce professional architects, that’s exactly what happened.

“Everyone said there was no way we could go live so quickly, but with strong leadership and a ‘fail fast’ approach we pulled together to get it done,” recalled Hill. The project, named ‘Project Phoenix’, was the largest Salesforce implementation in Europe that year and lead to Hill being shortlisted for CIO of the Year at the 2018 Tech Leadership Awards.

Project Phoenix reimagines recruitment processes.

The solution, named Phoenix, has 2,000 users and underpins core recruitment processes across the company’s global operations and unlocks a 360-degree view of the customer. It’s integrated with platforms such as LinkedIn to give recruiters a single view of the opportunities on the market, and a number of apps from the AppExchange and other third parties for additional functionality.

“AppExchange is fantastic; there are so many great solutions to speed up innovation and you don’t have to worry about hitting security or integration challenges,” added Hill.

Apps the company have implemented include Daxtra for recruitment resume management, business messaging solutions for email and text, and data tools to streamline API integration.

Today, the entire candidate journey is captured in Phoenix from initial enquiry through to training and placement. Records are linked to Chatter to give departments a central place to collaborate and view candidate details.

“Salesforce has helped us evolve our culture. Our President Zoë Morris is a big fan and helped drive that change from the top down,” explained Hill. “She’s helped instill the saying ‘If it isn’t on Salesforce, it doesn’t exist’.”

Automating manual processes to improve efficiency.

With administrative tasks such as sharing CVs and booking interviews now automated, recruiters are free to have more personal and valuable interactions with B2B customers and candidates alike, which means they can provide better advice and support. “Every CIO should be taking away the mundane tasks that are preventing staff from having the time to build strong relationships with customers,” commented Hill. “Salesforce helps us add a more human touch to recruitment to better support candidates through what can be an emotional time for them.”

Dynamic dashboards and reports provide managers with more insight into performance than ever before. Real-time metrics also help streamline change management by actively demonstrating how Salesforce is helping users to be more productive and efficient.

With higher quality data, the team can analyse trends to get more predictive about emerging skills and gaps in the market for new talent. A big focus going forward is the smart use of data to deliver better real-time insights and drive next best actions that maximise impact.

Personalising candidate and employer communications.

To improve engagement with customers, Tenth Revolution Group uses Pardot to send relevant jobs to candidates, talent recommendations to recruiting companies, and for general marketing campaigns. Leads are segmented to ensure that people only receive relevant and interesting information, and automating key processes has freed up the marketing team to focus on more valuable tasks.

Learning new skills and winning badges with Trailhead.

Phoenix has revolutionised how Tenth Revolution Group's divisions operate and collaborate, and the company is leveraging Trailhead to help users maximise the potential of the platform. At Revolent, Trailhead plays a pivotal role in the training and development of candidates – known as Revols – helping them learn new skills to land Salesforce roles. More than 50 Trailhead Revols graduated in the first half of 2020.

The Revols get very competitive about winning badges and levelling up. It’s a testament to our great partnership with Salesforce that someone from the team always attends when the Revols graduate as admins or developers. Building that pipeline of net new talent for the ecosystem is our priority.”

- Nabila Salem, President, Revolent Group

Helping more people carve out their dream career.

Next on the agenda, Tenth Revolution Group plans to continue blazing its trail for innovation by developing a candidate app and community on Experience Cloud, which will likely integrate with Service Cloud to give them better access to information such as status updates on applications.

“Our digital transformation was bold and helped us grow faster than our competitors,” said Hill. “With Salesforce, we’re helping experienced talent find new roles and identifying new talent to gain new skills to carve out their dream career – and land their dream job.”


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