Just Eat

Salesforce has freed up our sales teams to spend more time talking to customers.”

- Leigh Phillipson, International Sales Director

Satisfying an appetite for success with Salesforce

When a group of young Danes banded together in 2001, they didn't just create a new company, they created an online channel for takeaway food.

JUST EAT has revolutionised how restaurants around the globe engage with their customers by bringing greater choice and convenience to the takeaway ordering process.

“The JUST EAT website provides customers with an instant overview of menus from 34,000 restaurants. They can search for their favourite cuisine type and read reviews to ensure they get a good meal for a good price,” enthuses Leigh Phillipson, JUST EAT’s International Sales Director.

The company has grown fast over the last 10 years and now has operations in 13 countries and more than 1,000 employees. With growth comes both opportunities and obstacles, as Phillipson confirms: “Reporting, lead generation, collaboration – everything was getting more complex as we expanded.”

With Salesforce, JUST EAT was able to trade in its spreadsheets and time-consuming processes for a more flexible and social approach. “We’ve decreased paperwork and increased efficiency. For example, reporting is completely automated, saving managers several hours a week,” explains Giorgio Ponticelli, Director for Group Business Development at JUST EAT.

The company has also freed up time by providing its staff with mobile access to Sales Cloud via tablet and smartphone devices. “The sales teams no longer have to use a computer or laptop to log information. They can on-board a customer right there and then,” adds Phillipson. This has helped JUST EAT halve the time it takes to bring a new restaurant online.

Collaboration on a plate

Using Chatter, JUST EAT has also been able to connect its geographically dispersed sales force, which helps encourage the sharing of ideas and maintain the company’s unique culture.

“The JUST EAT jam is fundamental to the success of the company. It defines how we work and our entrepreneurial spirit,” comments Ponticelli. “A culture can often become diluted as a company grows but Chatter has helped to keep our original values and vision alive across the Group.”

With eight million registered users and 1.8 million Facebook fans worldwide, JUST EAT also needs to ensure it stays connected with its growing customer base.

“We need to sign up the restaurants that our customers want to order from, which means we must be socially aware,” explains Phillipson. “Salesforce has helped us balance quality with quantity by giving us better visibility of the most popular restaurants across our network.”

Generating food sales of more than £700 million per year for its partner restaurants, JUST EAT has already become the champion of online takeaway ordering. But there’s still a massive market to tap into – only a small percentage of orders worldwide are made online.

“By empowering consumers to love their takeaway experience, we are all focused on building a great company and a true international success story,” concludes Ponticelli.


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