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Sportradar stays at the top of its game with Salesforce

Sports fans worldwide all need real-time data. And that’s something Sportradar has plenty of.

“We provide sports data and content, marketing solutions, and digital advertising that help to drive greater engagement in sports worldwide,” said David Schamuhn, Director of Global Sales Operations at Sportradar. “Our solutions fuel the passion of millions of sports fans.” 

As the champion of sports data services, Sportradar partners with hundreds of organisations, including sports federations and leagues, bookmakers, media companies, and sponsors to bring fans closer to the action. 

In an increasingly competitive industry, Sportradar needs to stay at the top of its game. It is committed to technological innovation and uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to find meaning in the billions of data points gleaned from more than 600 bookmakers worldwide and 7,000 scouts, who cover 400,000-plus matches annually across 60 sports. 

Sportradar doesn’t just have to deal with volume, it has to deal with variety. “Our products and services need to be customised to meet the needs of 1,000-plus clients across 80 countries,” said Schamuhn.

To help its people cope with such a high level of customisation, Sportradar wanted to remove as much complexity as possible from its processes – especially within its sales operation. “We have sales offices on every continent,” he explained. “Our reps were using a combination of emails and spreadsheets as well as a legacy CRM system to track their activities, which impacted visibility and efficiency.”



Sales Cloud has transformed how we collaborate across regions. Our sales team is now much more productive and Informed. Clients now feel that we know more about them.”

– David Schamuhn, Director Global Sales Operations, Sportradar

A boost for sales productivity

With plans to enter new markets and onboard new clients, Sportradar needed a more scalable and agile approach to managing the sales pipeline. “We conducted a couple of workshops with the Salesforce team and could see the platform’s potential for scalability and usability,” said Schamuhn. 

After a challenging legacy data cleanup operation, Sportradar implemented Sales Cloud Lightning in July 2018 across its 70-strong global sales team. “Sales Cloud has transformed how we collaborate across regions. Our sales team is now much more productive and informed,” he added. “Clients now feel that we know more about them.” 

Greater visibility improves forecasting and targeting

Automated workflows support this collaborative approach, enabling regional reps to pick up qualified leads from the centralised team more promptly. Product trials and campaigns are a key source of leads for Sportradar. With Sales Cloud, reps can see when trials are due to end and schedule a followup conversation. This and other information can be accessed via the Salesforce Mobile App. “Remote access to sales and client information has been a real game-changer for the team,” added Schamuhn. 

Dashboards provide senior managers with a real-time view of the pipeline, which means they can provide reps with more relevant feedback and support. “With Sales Cloud, we can forecast which clients we expect to land in the coming months,” he said. “We can also track information on lost opportunities, which helps us take a more analytical approach to sales and create target groups for different products.” 

Sportradar needed to take an equally targeted approach to sales after partnering with Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2019. “With Sales Cloud, we were able to look back at historical sales data and establish an automated vetting process to ensure we were aware of any legal constraints before approaching a client,” explained Schamuhn. 

The sports betting industry is regulated in different ways in different countries. To ensure it pitches the right services to the right clients, Sportradar needs to keep track of legislation. “With Sales Cloud, we have a better overview of how markets are impacted by changing regulations. It enables us to tailor our quotes and offerings more appropriately,” said Schamuhn.

Greater accuracy and consistency for client quotes

Sportradar has also improved the quote process by providing reps with a centralised product inventory. Reps use Salesforce CPQ to access standard product descriptions and prices, and create a ‘shopping basket’ view of the client quote, which can be accessed and approved by colleagues. Before CPQ, product names were not standardised, which made it difficult to track what was included in each contract. And a strong up- and cross-sell approach means Sportradar needs to be specific about product bundles. This is now possible in a standardised way. 

“With Salesforce CPQ, we can take a more collaborative and transparent approach to the quoting process – this is key when working across different countries,” said Schamuhn. “Client quotes are now more accurate and consistent.” Product and sales teams can also collaborate on client quotes and opportunities via Chatter. 

By transforming its sales operation, Sportradar has made it easier to on-board new recruits. “We have four or five new starters every month and it used to take three months to get them ready to sell,” explained Schamuhn. ”With Salesforce, they can boost their knowledge more quickly and be customer-ready within a month. It saves valuable selling time.” 

Sportradar also uses Trailhead to deepen the knowledge of its developer and analyst community. “We’ve set a Trailhead challenge for this year – and the winner will get to attend Dreamforce!,” revealed Schamuhn. 

This knowledge will help Sportradar identify new ways to use the Salesforce platform. It has already introduced digital contract signing using an AppExchange solution and plans to implement Pardot to improve how it manages trade show leads. 

Sportradar is already migrating its email marketing, lead nurturing and automation to the platform to more efficiently create, execute and track its digital marketing campaigns. With Pardot, the company can link its marketing department’s efforts directly to sales lead and revenue generation. This grants Sportradar key insights to improve marketing planning and better organizes its marketing database, while efficiently transferring questions from the website directly to internal departments. 

“Success isn’t just about hitting revenue targets, it’s about improving the client experience,” said Schamuhn. “With Salesforce, we can show our clients that we care about them and change the way the world experiences sport.”

About Sportradar

Sportradar provides sports data and content, marketing solutions, and digital advertising for more than 1,000-plus clients across 80 countries. Sportradar occupies a unique position at the intersection of the sports, media and betting industries, and partners with hundreds of organisations, including sports federations and leagues, and bookmakers. It uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to bring meaning to the billions of data points gleaned from 400,000-plus matches annually across 60 sports.

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