Marketing Cloud Pricing

Engage customers with the marketing solutions that align to your strategy.

Marketing Personalization

Unify and connect your data to enable personalized interactions.

Marketing Messaging & Automation

Inspire engagement from both B2C and B2B audiences.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot

Enhance experiences, build pipeline, and help sales get more leads.

Email, Mobile, and Journeys

Personalise and automate journeys for every customer at scale.

Data & Advertising

Power data-driven experiences for each customer.

Marketing Cloud Advertising

Leverage your CRM data and manage your advertising at scale.

Audience Studio

Combine data from any source to deliver more personalised experiences.

Measurement & Analytics

See what's working — and what's not — across all your marketing efforts.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Connect, analyse, and take action on all your marketing data.

Google Marketing Platform

Simplify the buying experience with analytic tools.

Real-time Interaction Management

Inspire personalised and relevant interactions on the channel your customer prefers.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Visualise and track experiences with real-time interaction management.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform from Salesforce which includes tools for email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online advertising, and marketing automation. Marketing Cloud provides a unified view of customers so businesses can create personalised, omni-channel, customer journeys.

What are the benefits of Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud enables businesses to create data driven, personalised, customer journeys across multiple channels. It leverages one platform so businesses can provide a consistent, cohesive, customer experience across email, social, website, advertising and even in-store.

What's the difference between Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

The main difference between Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Marketing Cloud is that Marketing Cloud Account Engagement was designed as a B2B marketing automation tool and Marketing Cloud was designed as a B2C marketing platform. Marketing Cloud is now widely used by B2B companies creating B2C style customer journeys for decision makers within businesses they are targeting.

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