Salesforce Live UK and Ireland


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11:00 – 11:30

We're in a new economy. One where proving value, reducing risk and doing more with less is top of mind for businesses across the UK & Ireland.

And it’s a new day for the Salesforce Customer 360, thanks to powerful innovations that deliver automated, intelligent and 'wow' experiences - helping 98% of customers meet or exceed their ROI goals.

Our journey has just begun. Join Salesforce CEO Zahra Bahrololoumi and our very special guest Zarah Al-Kudcy, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Formula 1 as they bring the magic to the keynote stage to share how the power of real-time data - and Genie - can help brands across every industry transform their companies for the better.

- Zarah Al-Kudcy, Head of Commercial Partnerships, Formula 1
- Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO, Salesforce
- Paul O'Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Solution Engineering, Salesforce

Theatre 1,2 and 3 - 11:00

12:00 - 12:20

Join us to find out how BT Global Services is improving customer service by increasing efficiency, streamlining operations and reducing travel time for field technicians with Salesforce Field Service.  

Learn how Salesforce can help increase agent productivity by 30% with Service Cloud, driving efficiency and cost savings while helping to deliver great customer experiences.

- Richard Chambers, Business Improvement Consultant, Global Field Service Transformation, BT
- Rebecca Mackenzie, Director Product Marketing, Salesforce
- Rob Ballantyne, Director Salesforce Field Service Product Management, Salesforce

Theatre 1 - 12:00 

In today’s regulated environment, Financial Services firms must reduce costs whilst delivering excellent customer service.

Hear how Insurance Trailblazer, LV= have embraced automation, achieving 98% email click through rates and driven self-service innovation with over 100,000 service agent chats a year to secure insurance customers for life.

- Joanna Lidgey, Head of Performance Marketing, LV=
- Benjamin Turner, RVP, Salesforce
- Natalie Pope, Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Theatre 2 - 12:00
This session will be filmed for on-demand viewing, available next year
Learn how Kurt Geiger built an efficient distribution system which unlocked vital new revenue channels by onboarding partners 63% faster.

- Gareth Rees-John, Chief Digital Officer, Kurt Geiger
- Simon Ruiz Tada, Senior Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft

Theatre 3 - 12:00

Salesforce encourages customers to develop a routine data backup strategy, but how should you do this? Where do you start and what options are available to you? Join this session to learn…

- Why it’s so critical to backup Salesforce
- The pros and cons of different approaches
- The factors to consider

We’ll cut through the noise, blitz the jargon and offer practical guidance on the steps you should take to ensure your company benefits from a first-rate Salesforce data backup & recovery plan.

- Graham Russell, Market Intelligence Director, OwnBackup
- Christine Marshall, Salesforce Evangelist, SalesforceBen

Theatre 4 - 12:00

The NHS runs and operates the largest NHS staff bank, placing skilled flexible workers into NHS Trusts. Being able to support with the right workforce at the right time and place - has never been more important. The NHS is undergoing digital and transformational change, whilst looking to drive efficiencies and reduce hiring costs. NHS Professionals will share their journey to attract, recruit, retrain and support an engaged workforce.

- Jon Waters, Director of Client Solutions, NHS Professionals
- Anthony Rumbol, Account Executive, Salesforce

Theatre 5 - 12:00

12:35 - 12:55

Rising customer expectations. A cookieless future. Tighter budgets. Marketers, we’ve got this — thanks to CDP and Marketing Cloud. See how real-time engagement, powered by Genie, is helping Heathrow create personalised experiences for every passenger.

Learn how Marketing Cloud customers have increased overall marketing ROI by 28%, by making every moment count, and building trusted relationships at scale.

- Bob Stickland, Head of Commercial Digital Platforms, Heathrow
- Meenal Varsani, Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement, Heathrow
- James Bishop, Area Vice President, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce
- Mili Lagache, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce
- Amy Blanthorn-Hazell, Regional Sales Director, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

Theatre 1 - 12:35



Discover how visionary Trailblazer The Economist increased their first-year subscriber retention rate by 27% by building a world class digital experience.

Learn how Media and Technology companies are building solutions that enable personalisation and automation, to increased customer lifetime value, deeper audience engagement and sustained revenue.

- Stephanie Shehan, Head of Platforms, The Economist
- Vicky Nisbet, Senior Area Vice President, Sales Communications, Media & Technology, Salesforce
- Steven Hubert, Area Vice President, Sales High Tech, Salesforce

Theatre 2 - 12:35
This session will be filmed for on-demand viewing, available next year
Turning data into new revenue streams is a significant opportunity, yet leaders often struggle to capitalise on the strategic asset. Learn how customers can see 45% YOY growth with embedded analytics.

- Rob Austin, Vice President Professional Services, Tivian
- David Kellas, Director of Business Intelligence, Tivian
- Pete Chizlett, Regional Vice President, EMEA Embedded Analytics, Salesforce

Theatre 3 - 12:35

Discover how Forterra innovated over the last 18 months by successfully implementing a multi-cloud digital transformation programme. Hear first-hand how Forterra and Globant worked together to connect their data and integrate their business network, creating a single source of truth to drive operational efficiencies. Enabling their Sales teams to be ‘meeting ready’ and self-sufficient, learn how Forterra are delivering faster responses and a seamless, connected customer experience.

- Marcelle Braithwaite, Customer Solutions Director, Globant
- Abi Chan, Customer Solutions Director, Globant
- Ryan Goodman, Senior Product Owen, Forterra

Theatre 4 - 12:35

With the demand for digital skills expected to rise by more than 50% by 2025, the future of work will require changes across the workforce when it comes to upskilling and reskilling, as well as attracting significant net new talent. Join your peers for a panel discussion on the top challenges and opportunities when it comes to addressing the digital skills gap. We’ll cover how to keep learning fun and accessible with Trailhead, why embracing diversity is key, and how to ensure a flexible strategy that adapts to our ever-changing world.

- Ami Noble-Newton, Director of Learning and Development, Revolent
- Faye Van Flute, Senior Manager Digital Impact and Inclusion, Lloyds Banking Group
- Stuart Mills, Vice President Trailhead EMEA, Salesforce
- Maggie McCarthy, Regional Vice President, Portfolio Lead Customer Success, Salesforce

Theatre 5 - 12:35

13:10 - 13:30

Join Trailblazers, Hodge Jones & Allen and Efficio, about the importance of having a 360-degree view of your clients to be more efficient, serve them better, and grow your firm’s business.

Our professional services and legal clients on average have decreased IT costs by 27% and increased insight driven-decisions by 27%. Come along to gain that ‘Aha Client 360 Moment’.

- Raj Parmer, Head of Sales and Marketing, Hodge Jones & Allen
- Vicky Cunningham, Marketing Director, Efficio Consulting
- Sally Craxton, Regional Sales Director, Professional Services & Law, Salesforce

Theatre 1 - 13:10

Learn from industry leaders who are delivering richer customer experiences through digitalisation, automation, and integration.

Hear how companies like Aggregate Industries and St Gobain are lowering customer acquisition costs by 27%.

- Paul Stamp, Director of Digital Marketing, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Limited
- Rachel Krzeminski, Salesforce Project Lead, Aggregate Industries UK
- Beth Flintoff, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce

Theatre 2 - 13:10
This session will be filmed for on-demand viewing, available next year

You bought Salesforce, now what? Simple: Adoption = Business Value. Salesforce and Vitality are coming to you with the six guiding principles you'll need to get your teams using what you bought.

- Mike Williams, CRM Director, Vitality
- Kam Sangha, Success Director, Salesforce

Theatre 3 - 13:10
Join us to hear the story of Deloitte Germany, who are increasing transparency and accountability in their carbon footprint through Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. To embed sustainability across our entire value chain, Deloitte Germany leverages the power of Salesforce to offer employees actionable insight into their carbon footprint on the journey to net zero.

- Conrad Rentsch – DACH Alliance Leader, Deloitte Germany
- June Sun, Net-Zero Lead, Deloitte UK

Theatre 4 - 13:10
Salesforce solutions help reimagine corporate services within the NHS, that enables them to enhance quality, save time, money, and free up time to deliver compassionate care on the front line.

Discover how NHS Shared Business Services were able to achieve 76% reduction in customer case resolution time, with an end-to-end project implementation time of just 19 weeks, with Salesforce.

- John Murphy, Head of Customer Excellence, NHS Shared Business Services
- Alex Walter, Account Executive, Salesforce

Theatre 5 - 13:10

13:45 - 14:05

Organisations with a strong data culture can synthesise information and glean insights at scale, allowing them to increase productivity, maximise ROI and take the more efficient path to impact.

We'll explore how with this data-first approach, nonprofits saw an increase of 21% in insights-driven decision-making, while education institutions averaged $2.4M in overall cost savings.

- Damien Ribbans, Director of Operations, Noise Solutions
- Jonny Elliot, CXO Strategic Industry Advisor, Salesforce
- Santosh Carvalho, Director, Digital Transformation & Innovation, Salesforce

Theatre 1 - 13:45

Come and see how Sales Cloud Unlimited - a single, intelligent platform - powers efficient sales growth and increases productivity by 29%. Learn how Cytiva, a global life sciences leader, turns sales insights into efficiency, productivity, and a competitive advantage for their business.

- Joakim Lundkvist, Global Commercial Excellence Leader, Cytiva
- Merinda Hillier, Director Product Marketing EMEA, Sales Cloud, Salesforce
- Urszula Grassl, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Sales Cloud, Salesforce
- Chinar Garg, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Theatre 2 - 13:45
This session will be filmed for on-demand viewing, available next year

Each day, IT teams are challenged to do more with less to meet industry demands. Hear from DPD how Platform revolutionises their developer experience, empowering its users to automate, build, and scale faster in a secure environment.

Join us to learn how you can use the Salesforce Platform to build, test, and deploy your Customer 360 - 68% faster.

- Adam Hooper, Head of Salesforce, DPD Group
- Meghan Timmis, Senior Manager, Platform Product Marketing, Salesforce
- Ansar Ahmed, Vice President, Solution Engineering, Salesforce
- Alex Conway, Principal Technical Architect, Salesforce

Theatre 3 - 13:45

Come and learn from AVEVA Group plc Leadership on how AVEVA is leveraging the transformational power of Accenture, Salesforce and the Salesforce partner ecosystem to deliver a customer-centric experience, deliver operational efficiencies and enable revenue growth across the Campaign to Cash lifecycle.

- Dale Saggers, C2C Programme Director, AVEVA
- Mark Sri, Associate Director, Salesforce Business Group Lead for Software & Platforms, Accenture UK
- Paul Edwards, Managing Director, Salesforce Business Group Lead for CMT and Products, Accenture UK

Theatre 4 - 13:45
Failed digital transformations often have six things in common. So, how do you avoid them? In this session, you'll get actionable steps and real example of how companies who knows how to navigate these challenges achieve up to 5 times faster time to value.

- Carmine Mancusi, Regional Vice President Customer Success, Salesforce
- Andrew McIlwraith, Principal Success Manager, Salesforce

Theatre 5 -13:45

14:20 - 14:35

Light refreshments served in the Campground area. 

14:35 - 14:55

It’s a new day for the environment, and we must go net zero, now. Businesses can reduce emissions and costs, all at once. Realise 66% savings over 3 years by using Net Zero Cloud.

Learn how companies can develop a new relationship with nature, from going net zero and sequestering carbon, to investing in our planet and energising the ecopreneur revolution. See how Net Zero Cloud and Net Zero Marketplace can work in tandem to help your organisation get to net zero now.

- Hass Jishi, Senior Principal, Slalom
- Kevin Vranes, Senior Director, Product Management, Salesforce

Theatre 1 - 14:35 
The adoption of a Digital Headquarters can drive 49% more productivity across your teams. Join this session to hear how have embraced Slack to break down silos, increase flexibility, and accelerate work by bringing everyone together in their Digital Headquarters.

- Jonathan Clarke, UK Sales Team Leader,
- Alex Mele, Regional Sales Director, Slack

Theatre 2 - 14:35
This session will be filmed for on-demand viewing, available next year
Getting faster ROI from your technology requires new ways of thinking and working right from day one. Learn how the Financial Conduct Authority and Salesforce Professional Services use the five elements of the Salesforce Way framework to help achieve 50% faster deployment times, driving successful change at scale and pace.

- Jagpal Jheeta, Head of Regulatory Systems, The Financial Conduct Authority
- Nihan Sharp, Regional Vice President Transformation Partner, Salesforce

Theatre 3 - 14:35
abrdn is a leading UK investment firm with a £542 billion portfolio of assets and a vision of Salesforce-powered digital transformation.
Hear how abrdn used the Copado DevOps Platform to overcome deployment challenges and bring end-to-end speed and quality to their Salesforce delivery teams.
See how abrdn achieved 30X more Salesforce releases and 99% fewer errors.
Hear how DevOps help more clients plan, save and invest.
Learn about abrdn’s plans for future innovation and DevOps maturity.

- Mark Truswell, RVP Sales, Copado
- Paul Aylott, CRM Technology Manager, abrdn
- Sudhir Chauhan, Salesforce Technical Lead, abrdn

Theatre 4 - 14:35 
Learn how the Cabinet Office has driven cost efficiency through platform consolidation and used the Salesforce platform as an enabler for the rapid delivery of capability, in the face of Government demands.

Ivana Gordon of the Government Grants Function will overview the background to the Spotlight grants platform built on Salesforce, the experience of expanding the platform and how it will grow in the future.

- Ivana Gordon, Deputy Director Digital & Expert Risk Services Government Commercial and Grants Functions, Cabinet Office
- Simon Collinson, Area Vice President Sales Public Sector, Salesforce

Theatre 5 - 14:35

15:10 - 15:30

Learn how Unilever are maximising promotion effectiveness and improving ROI with better trade planning.

Plus, we’ll share how the Salesforce Trade Promotion Management tool is helping Consumer Goods brands grow sales revenue and reduce 30% of the time spent on promotional planning.

- Chris Baxter, Global Digital Transformation Director, Unilever
- Adrian Smalley, Customer Transformation Senior Director, Consumer Goods, Salesforce

Theatre 1 - 15:10

In today’s economic climate, companies of all sizes have to find ways to do more with less. In this session, we'll be joined by PayCaptain a trusted, cloud-based startup which transforms payroll experiences.

Come along to learn how you can get 27% faster automation of your business processes with CRM to drive efficient growth, while maximising your customer relationships.

- Simon Bocca, Founder, PayCaptain
- Sandra Kater, Regional Vice President Startup UK, Salesforce
- Ross Lynch, Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Theatre 2 - 15:10

This session will be filmed for on-demand viewing, available next year

In uncertain times, data can be your guide. See how Tableau and CRM analytics helps customers see 29% faster time to insights, across the Customer 360.

Learn how customers like Deutsche Bank are doing this by bringing teams together, automating processes and driving better decisions.

- Arif Panjwani, Managing Director, Head of CRM and Client Analytics, Deutsche Bank
- Simon Quinton, Senior Area Vice President, UKI Country Manager, Tableau Salesforce
- Francois Zimmerman, Distinguished Solution Engineer, Tableau Salesforce

Theatre 3 - 15:10


PwC’s CMO Study explores how organisations can balance the art and science of marketing to revolutionise customer experience and create responsible growth. The role of technology and data is increasingly important in creating stronger relationships with customers. But, so has human skills such as creativity, empathy and strategic thinking. This session explores findings from the Study, and how combining people and technology can transform marketing into a strategic driver of long-term growth.

- Antonia Wade, Global Chief Marketing Officer, PwC
- Tom Adams, Partner, UK Marketing Transformation and Experience Consulting Leader, PwC

Theatre 4 - 15:10
As your business adapts to changing markets, so must your Salesforce platform. Join our delivery experts to learn implementation best practices and set your business up for long-term success.

- Laura Morris, Senior Manager, Professional Services, Salesforce
- Zoe Jarvis, Success Director, Salesforce

Theatre 5 - 15:10

15:45 - 16:05

Slack and Salesforce together increase efficiencies by unlocking 29% more time for your teams through process automation. Join this session to see how Slack’s Digital HQ is allowing customers and partners to drive productivity and accelerating work by using Slack and Salesforce together.

- Emily du Luart, Lead Solution Engineer, Slack

Theatre 1 - 15:45
Find out how Aruna Bhalla, Head of Partnerships at TSB Bank is giving their customers fresh ways of engaging, investing and growing their money.

Learn how customers like TSB Bank have increased online revenue by 29% with Commerce Cloud, whilst maximising profits, cutting costs and driving loyalty.

- Aruna Bhalla, Head of Partnerships, TSB Bank
- Madeleine Storr, Area Vice President, Commerce Cloud UKI, Salesforce
- Qingyang Zhao, Primary Solution Engineer, Commerce Cloud, UKI, Salesforce
- Gurpreet Kaur, Director Product Marketing, Commerce Cloud, EMEA, Salesforce

Theatre 2 - 15:45

This session will be filmed for on-demand viewing, available next year
95% of organisations are implementing automation initiatives to cut costs and improve productivity. Learn how your company can empower business teams to leverage automation and unlock the full potential of Customer 360.

- Alissa Maier, Automation Specialist UK, Salesforce
- Rafal Urbanski, Automation SE, Salesforce

Theatre 3 - 15:45

Crown Commercial Services and Salesforce recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for eligible customers to access discounted products and services.

To help Public Sector organisations learn more about Salesforce’s SaaS technologies, the MoU includes an innovative experimentation programme which can be used to understand the possibilities of cost savings and faster delivery.

- Steve Hopkins, Commercial Lead - Software, Crown Commercial Service
- Sumit Mistry, Strategic & Business Development Executive, Salesforce

Theatre 5 - 15:45

16:20 - 16:50

We’re thrilled to be joined by legendary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Songwriters Hall Of Fame inductee and Grammy award-winning producer Nile Rodgers. Best known for his huge catalog of hits - both with his band ‘CHIC’ and as the production mastermind behind hits for Madonna, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Daft Punk Duran Duran and Sister Sledge to name a few - he’ll share his lessons in creativity, collaboration and hard work from a lifetime of music.

Plus, Nile will share how as the Founder of the not-for-profit ‘We Are Family Foundation’ he’s dedicated to inspiring the next generation about respect, understanding and cultural diversity — while amplifying youth efforts to solve some of our biggest global problems.

- Nile Rodgers, Grammy Award-Winning Music Artist & Producer
- Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO, Salesforce

Theatre 1,2 and 3 - 16:20


Time to connect with peers, colleagues and friends as we celebrate the end of Salesforce Live and take the time to reflect together on all that we have learnt.


Thank you for spending your day with us.