Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the questions we hear a lot and you'll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don't hesitate to contact us — we're here to help.

Slack Basics

Slack is the channel-based messaging platform that brings an organisation’s people and tools together in one place so they can stay productive and aligned from anywhere.

From Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, millions of people around the world use Slack to connect their teams, unify their systems, and drive their business forward — all within a secure, enterprise-grade environment. Best of all, Slack is easy to use and customisable to the way your organisation works.
More than 750,000 companies of all sizes and across industries use Slack to transform how work gets done.
No matter how your teams work together or how big you grow, Slack maps to how your company is organised and scales with your business. Slack powers the work of some of the world’s largest companies — like IBM, Condé Nast, Moody’s, and E-Trade — and is the only collaboration product that can support up to 500,000 people.
Salesforce and Slack are both powerful business tools on their own. But bringing together the world’s #1 CRM, integration, and analytics platform with the world’s most innovative communications platform unlocks all sorts of new, business-driving capabilities.

Salesforce Customer 360 apps unite every department, from marketing to sales to commerce to service to IT, all on one integrated platform. Slack adds a layer of engagement, further improving alignment across your organisation while boosting productivity. Imagine your sales reps being able to update opportunities right in Slack, or service agents being able to access and close tickets all in one place. With all the tools your people need, right where they want them, your employees can deliver their best work, from anywhere.

With a single, shared view of your customer information available in a collaborative space, traditional silos and barriers are a thing of the past. You’ll see improvement in communication and collaboration, resulting in better business outcomes for your employees, customers, and even your partners.

Both Slack and Salesforce integrate with all of your favorite business apps, so you can bring your technology together, automate processes, and drive better business outcomes faster.

You can even build custom apps on our platform with low-code and no-code functionalities. Or you can tap into our combined ecosystem of more than 8,000 apps to tailor Customer 360 to your company’s needs.
Included in the Slack App Directory, which features over 2,500 apps, are many ready-to-use integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Clouds, Quip, and Heroku. Customers can also use the Slack API to build custom integrations that connect Slack to other Salesforce services.

In the future, Slack will be deeply integrated with every Salesforce cloud. As the new system of engagement for Salesforce Customer 360, including our best-in-class apps — Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud — Slack will transform how people communicate, collaborate, and take action on customer information across Salesforce and all their other business apps and systems.
Yes. You can securely discuss confidential information in Slack. Slack offers multiple ways to ensure that your information, conversations, and files stay safe. Slack delivers enterprise-grade security at every layer, adhering to multiple compliance certifications, including SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001, and more. Slack is GDPR -compliant and can be configured for HIPAA and FINRA compliance. It is FedRAMP Moderate authorised.

In addition, Slack offers security features, like Enterprise Key Management, that allow admins fine-grained control over data encryption. You can also integrate your own security tools with Slack to get instant notification if a threat is detected. Learn more about Slack’s comprehensive security program here.

Slack for your company

The short answer: any team! Salesforce and Slack can flex to meet the needs of any organisation, regardless of size or industry. While we can support one department or team, the real magic happens when your entire organisation is leveraging the same technology. This allows your teams to come together across departments to bring in the right people for a project, share data and information, and turn conversations into the decisions and actions that drive the business forward.
Yes! Slack Connect is a more secure and productive way for organisations to communicate together. It lets you move all the conversations with your external partners, clients, vendors, and others into Slack, replacing email and fostering collaboration. Slack’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards, like Enterprise Key Management, extend to Slack Connect. Learn more about Slack Connect here.
Absolutely. Slack API and Salesforce API allow you to connect your must-have apps within your experience. Combined, Salesforce and Slack have an incredible ecosystem of 8,700+ apps built by our partners that can help you customise your use of Salesforce and Slack to meet the unique needs of your business. Check out the Slack App Directory and the Salesforce AppExchange.

Try and start using Slack

You betcha. Slack offers a free version with a few of the basic Slack features. We won't even ask for a credit card. Learn more here.
You can use Slack with a limited number of features with our free plan, but if you need more, we offer three paid plans: Pro, Business+, and Enterprise Grid.

We have more information about each plan on our pricing page. You can also contact us, and we'd be happy to walk you through each plan to figure out the right one for you.