Expedite decision-making to close deals faster.

The Financial Services Cloud for Slack app supports team collaboration, account strategizing, and Salesforce workflow automation in Slack. Help banking, insurance, or wealth management teams secure customers for life in your productivity platform.


Financial Services Cloud For Slack app

The smart money is on Slack collaboration.


Fast-track decision-making.

Share real-time customer insights from Financial Services Cloud, so your teams get the right deal context in-channel. Employees strategize more quickly and close deals more efficiently, while working from anywhere.

Automate tasks for more customer face time.

The Financial Services Cloud for Slack app makes it easy to automate Salesforce workflows. This frees teams from daily, repetitive tasks, giving them time to build customer relationships.

Break down silos and enhance collaboration.

When teams collaborate in Slack, they break down the silos that sap sales growth. The integration combines the collaborative benefits of the Slack platform with the powerful Customer 360 capabilities you already trust.

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