Extend the power of Service Cloud to Slack.

Using the Service Cloud for Slack app, agents can solve cases and incidents more efficiently, access data faster, and easily collaborate with partners.


Service Cloud For Slack App

Integrate customer satisfaction into every action.


Launch swarming into hyperdrive.

The Service Cloud for Slack integration makes it easier and faster to launch a swarm on high-priority cases. It automatically creates a channel with a prebuilt, ready-to-go swarming workflow. With Expert Finder, subject matter experts can also be looped in to solve complex cases and incidents.

Resolve customer issues faster and power service workflows.

The app reduces case resolution time by making Salesforce records — like accounts, incidents, and cases — all easily accessible in channels. Support teams can also use Slack Workflow Builder or Salesforce Flow to automatically extend key workflows across the business, helping everyone improve efficiency.

Share metrics to help the team improve.

Service teams can monitor swarm participation and judge its impact on key service metrics, helping teams improve. View swarm metrics and participation with the Salesforce Service Cloud Swarming Reports and Dashboards package available on AppExchange. Leaders can share them with agents to incentivise further collaboration.

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