Aerospace and Defence

Unlock value from legacy data silos to deliver visibility up and down the value chain, leveraging best in class solutions: Salesforce, Mulesoft and Tableau. Seamlessly share data and collaborate internally and externally to deliver on-time and to-promise whilst improving customer satisfaction.
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Capture more contracts and expand your business.

Pursue Public and Private Sector contracts more effectively with solutions that flex to meet the unique requirements of Aerospace and Defence organisations. Use best of breed tools to enhance collaboration across the enterprise, analyse customer relationships and automate gate reviews and workflows.

Integrate critical data sources.

Connect your systems and break down the silo walls separating your front and back office. With Salesforce and Mulesoft, you get an enterprise-grade API platform, and your people get easy access to the data they need to make better decisions, faster and with greater certainty.

Streamline the management of Suppliers and MRO operations.

Rapidly deploy tools that reduce cost, drive business growth and transform the employee and supplier experience. Improve procurement and operations efficiency related to Maintenance Repair and Overhaul and aftermarket materials to grow revenue now and in the future.

Invest in your Mission by investing in your people.

In a sector that is on the edge of a demographic transition across its workforce, equip your recruiters to find the best talent. Empower your workforce with low-code apps that accelerate processes, encourage innovation and unlock tacit knowledge.

Unified solutions for agility and responsiveness for Aerospace and Defence companies

We help companies like yours achieve the 360-degree customer centric view needed to deliver connected services and stay competitive in a market where customer expectations are rising faster than the pace of product innovation.
We help Aerospace and Defence companies win more business and achieve better visibility up and down their value chain and across ecosystem partners. This helps our customers deliver successfully against their commitments and, at the same time, increase customer satisfaction.
This sector is about connecting functions and collaborating across multi-functional boundaries.  The Salesforce range of products can help you to do that (and more): Salesforce Platform, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Mulesoft and Tableau.
Salesforce for the Aerospace and Defence sector improves productivity with a platform built for better cross-functional collaboration, collaboration up and down the value chain and helps to build stronger customer relationships. Salesforce delivers Digital Transformation through its customer centric, data driven approach to A&D companies like yours.

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Data is good, but real-time information from Salesforce is better.”

Beth Comstock | CMO, GE

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