Be the bank customers trust with Salesforce's banking solutions.


Transform banking customer experiences.

Salesforce provides banks with a 360-degree view of each customer. We can help you unify in-branch and digital channels with a consistent sales, service and marketing model so that you can get to market faster and increase process efficiency. Curious? We explore this further in our webinar.

Improve automation in banking operations.

Process automation in the banking sector is essential to reduce costs and improve service. Salesforce can lower cost of ownership IT solutions, provide automation tools, and support self service. Barclays is just one of the many financial services firms who we have helped to simplify operations.

Supporting banking business transformation.

Salesforce can help speed up transformation and improvements for back-office business functions. You can unify your contact centre, data, and digital channels. Our banking solutions will help you automate processes, simplify workflows, and deploy the right agent at the right time.

“Working with Salesforce, we can provide thousands of SME customers with a differentiated banking experience that helps them reach their business goals.”



Taking the Financial Services Customer Experience to the Next Level.

Explore how to use first-party data to create revenue-driving, personalised experiences for your consumer goods customers.

Frequently Asked Questions.


What is CRM in banking?

CRM is used in banking to consolidate information about all of a bank's customers into one place to give a single view of each customer.

How can banks improve customer service?

A banking CRM is crucial to improving customer service as it helps banks to get a 360-degree view of each customer and recognise their needs.

How do banks ensure security?

Multi-factor authentication, data loss protection solutions, regulatory processes and a secure infrastructure such as Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud are some of the many extensive measures banks use to ensure cyber security.

Explore the advantages of Salesforce for Banking.