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Use powerful real-time insights and actionable data to build your audience loyalty and decrease churn.

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Here’s some answers to questions from media companies on how they can succeed with Salesforce.
We empower audience-driven companies to break down silos in their teams, access growth opportunities built with agility in mind and leverage powerful data to deliver content directly to their customers, accelerating growth and increasing loyalty to deliver your team with an even stronger understanding of your audience.
Salesforce gives you the tools to collect, clean, organise, and view consumer data, so you can learn their preferences and deliver relevant content, wherever they are. You can also create communities for customers and reward them for engaging, so they become powerful brand advocates. Every company is unique, but Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM help you win the battle for attention.
Content options are rapidly growing. So are the ways fans consume recorded and live content. This solution bridges the gap between your customers and your media. Learn how Salesforce can help turn casual consumers into your most loyal fans.
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The Future of Advertising Sales

Have a human approach to embracing Artificial Intelligence and download Salesforce’s new research on the future of advertising sales.

The ability to consolidate into one platform has had a big impact for us. It’s more cost-effective to maintain and support, and users only have to log into one place.”

Christina Scott | Cio of Financial Times

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