Delivering efficiency and customer loyalty for Transport & Logistics companies.

Salesforce can transform your B2B sales and provide a 360 view of your customer to deliver personal experiences at scale, driven by a fully integrated platform for your business.

Transform your B2B sales

Automate and manage your lead flow to increase revenue. Improve supplier management, forecasting and quality control.

eCommerce, personalised

Automate quotes, tracking and customisation so you can deliver seamless customer experiences.

Deliver a seamless experience

Drive customer loyalty and increase self-servicing with chat bots and expectation management. Onboard and train your team.

Get a single view of production lines

Let the data drive proactiveness with a single view of production to increase internal satisfaction and productivity.

What Salesforce can deliver.

Answers to key questions on how we help your business deliver seamless customer experiences and drive efficiency.
We’ll help you deliver seamless and personalised experiences that delight your customers and speed up your internal processes to keep you ahead of the competition.
You can attract and recruit staff using Marketing Cloud, respond immediately and give real-time price updates using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Easily integrate all your current record systems in one place with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. You can also optimise your business processes using built-in intelligence powered by Einstein Analytics.
It’s a 360 view of your customer driven by a combination of advanced data and tools that help you boost your revenue and increase loyalty.

Leading Through Change in Travel & Hospitality.

Discover how to make better decisions with data, empower your employees and lead through change in the travel and hospitality sector.

With Salesforce, we can tap into incredible insights about why and when different customers contact us. It’s made the invisible visible.”

Sinead Croke | Director of Customer Experience, DPD

Get your 360 view.

Learn how Salesforce can deliver personalised customer experiences for Transport and Logistics businesses.