Find the prescription for success in cloud computing

Leading biopharmaceutical companies are turning to cloud computing for the speed, flexibility, and scalability they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

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Together Veeva and
are bringing enterprise cloud
computing to our industry.

Salesforce for Biopharmaceuticals

Leading biopharmaceutical companies are casting away their expensive client-server technologies in favor of cloud computing. They’re turning to Salesforce applications, Veeva CRM, and the platform for the speed, flexibility, and scalability they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Grow worldwide sales with Veeva CRM

Sales reps, executives, and industry analysts love Veeva CRM. That’s because it was designed for the industry, has all the benefits of, and can be deployed quickly on iPads, Blackberry devices, and Tablet PCs. Anytime, anywhere access to information makes reps more effective. has a long-term strategic relationship with Veeva Systems which means all your favorite Salesforce and Veeva apps work together seamlessly.

Provide multichannel service

Better service at lower cost? It happens in the Service Cloud. Access to complete customer information ensures more "one and done" service calls. You can connect with your physicians and consumers through any medium: phone, email, chat, or social media. You can also encourage self-service by deploying public sites and authenticated portals.

Succeed in emerging markets

Emerging markets represent the fastest growing geography for biopharmaceuticals. Salesforce and Veeva give you the tools you need to succeed internationally. supports multiple languages and currencies and unlimited customization which means your Veeva and Salesforce CRM apps will meet the unique needs of each local market. The only thing missing is the high cost of traditional software.

Build your own applications

Biopharma companies know the importance of rapid innovation and fast time to value. With you get both. Development on is faster and less costly than traditional platforms. (Think of it as a blockbuster drug without the costly clinical trials.) As a result, biopharma companies are building custom applications to speed clinical development, automate administrative processes, and improve customer and physician loyalty–all without giving Finance or IT heartburn.