Why Salesforce beats the competition.

When you’re focusing on your core business, finding the time to compare and contrast competing CRM solutions isn’t easy. Whether you choose CRM in the cloud or traditional CRM software, finding the right fit for your business is critical. You want to be sure you choose the right CRM not just for what works now, but what will make your business successful in the future.

A simple search will show you that Salesforce put cloud-based customer relationship management on the map, and is committed to innovating and moving the industry forward.

With award-winning account and contact management, sales automation, opportunity tracking, lead scoring, forecasting, and reporting all accessible from your desktop or mobile makes Salesforce the #1 CRM for businesses of all size.

How do we compare with the market?

In a comparison of CRM software, Salesforce scored highest among 30 other CRM providers. That’s in addition to the industry awards that Salesforce has collected over the years. Even a small sample size of customer reviews tells the story why Salesforce is the leader in CRM:

“We are a people business. If I can use social, mobile tools to help link our people inside the company and provide a better experience to our customers, you know that's an advantage that our competitors will have a hard time mimicking.”
Nick Clayton, Senior Director of Global Sales, Harvard Business Publishing


Salesforce gives us a view of every facet of our customer interactions. It’s the key to continuing to grow and nurture all of our relationships and deliver on our movement and mission.”

Steve Ellis, EVP, Wells Fargo

Salesforce helps us move at the speed we want to move.”

Matt Flannery, CEO and Co-Founder, Kiva

We needed a flexible system to help manage our businesses that would be easy to adapt as customer needs change, but it also had to be simple enough that it could be used by people with a wide range of skill sets at our 24,000 post offices. Only Salesforce met the criteria.”

Yoshihiko Oota, Director of System Planning, Japan Post

Salesforce is enabling our school to create efficiencies, better manage resources, and both consolidate and share data in a way that best meets the needs of the school.”

David A. Thomas, Dean, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Today we’re servicing customers in new and different ways. Salesforce gives us the agility to move much quicker than we could previously.”

Paul Cheesbrough, CIO, News International

The analytics capabilities inside Salesforce are just completely unparalleled. People can click on a dashboard, refresh it immediately, and change data quickly. That’s really allowing people to maximise their efforts.”

Maddy Joseph, Manager, Recruitment Infrastructure, Teach For America

With Salesforce, we don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them.”

Paul Drummond, Co-Founder, Quintessentially

We are creating local solutions, while leveraging global scale. Salesforce is helping us develop tools, processes, and new ways of working so we can cater to the needs of customers and consumers in specific markets. It’s a collaborative tool that connects the dots.”

Wim Van Gils, Vice President of Global Commercial Excellence, Philips

With Salesforce, there is no software. No hardware. You’re CRM is up and running in no time. Though customisable with a robust feature-set, you won’t need a huge IT commitment.

All this so you can focus on your business. With Salesforce CRM, everything comes to you — accounts and contacts, prospects and opportunities, forecasting, analytics, mobile apps — and many more options are available if you need it.

The world’s #1 CRM at your fingertips. Try Salesforce for 30-days risk-free.