App Annie

We have insight into hundreds of new leads per month since integrating our systems with Salesforce”

Noam Haberfeld, Senior Sales Operations Manager

Growing fast and going global with Salesforce

Used by 90% of the top 100 publishers, App Annie is the standard in app analytics and data. Recognised as one of the top wireless startups of 2014, the developer industry is pivoting towards App Annie for critical app store data and market intelligence to help them succeed in this digital and mobile revolution. For app developers, App Annie removes the unknown when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of digital content and the performance of mobile apps.

As the company grew up, it realised early on it needed a powerful solution for managing sales and customer data – Salesforce was an obvious contender. Still, it wasn’t an easy decision. Noam Haberfeld, Senior Sales Operations Manager, explains, “We were a small start-up then. We lacked funding. A CRM was a huge commitment. However, we knew that Salesforce would become much more, as we scaled and evolved the business.”

Sales Cloud, built on App Cloud, has already completely changed the way the company sells. Initially, business development managers and sales reps each did their own thing – it was ok as long as they were reporting their sales back to the business. But the lack of a consistent set of sales processes quickly became a drag on growth. Information on leads and opportunities stored in spreadsheets and emails was hard to track and there was a lot of unnecessary back and forth around each deal. Now, App Annie has an efficient and fluid sales cycle, tracking and managing leads and opportunities in the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Customised workflows make life simpler for sales teams and dashboards instantly give managers the information they need to grow the business.

Growth has been rapid. In just a few short years the company has gone global. Ninety percent of the top 100 publishers use App Annie Analytics to get a high degree of visibility into how their apps and their competitors are performing. The platform has been used by 600,000 apps to track more than 60 billion downloads and US$17 billion of app store revenue across iOS and Google Play, making it the largest app store analytics provider. App Annie has also grown from a small team into a big business with more than 250 employees across 10 offices globally.

Noam says, “Salesforce has helped us grow on many levels, but the fast on-boarding of new people to our growing team supports our global expansion. After an hour or two of training, new team members are up and running in Sales Cloud, able to track and manage their own deals.” App Annie has integrated Salesforce with backend servers - including a database of paid subscribers to App Annie’s premium product Intelligence, as well as those who use its free Analytics and Store Stats dashboards to help run their business - to widen its lead sources.

Now, the Sales Cloud tracks every time a user logs in and accesses tools or information via the App Annie website. Each interaction becomes a potential lead - specific user activities triggering a workflow to alerts Sales of a potential opportunity. Noam says, “We have insight into hundreds of new leads per month since integrating our systems with Salesforce. That’s the extra value it delivers.” The integration of apps form the Salesforce1 AppExchange enriches the customer information stored in the Sales Cloud and enable targeted marketing.

Noam says, “Our sales teams have everything on one mobile-ready platform. We’re breaking through barriers in terms of sales efficiency.”

App Annie describes its value proposition to customers as the ability to deliver ‘The Math Behind the App Stores”. “Salesforce gives us the math behind the math,” says Noam, “it’s how we execute a measured growth strategy and ensure its success.”


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