People who come to boutique providers don’t want to be treated like a number. Salesforce helps us meet customers wherever they are, and solve problems quickly.”

Chris Williams, Chief Operating Officer

World’s fastest connectivity and fanatical service propels boutique broadband provider into new markets

The dynamic team at ViewQwest have no intentions of resting on their laurels. Since it first entered the broadband industry, ViewQwest has been a consistently passionate disruptor, offering lightning fast connectivity and fanatical service.

ViewQwest was the first outside of Japan to introduce 2Gbps, the world’s fastest residential internet connectivity. This was an epic achievement for the boutique internet service provider who only four years earlier was plotting its entry into Singapore’s competitive residential market.

It was a logical move. ViewQwest had an established corporate offering and then the ability to offer residential customers ultra-fast connectivity. What it needed was the ability to get smarter about its customers and manage exponential growth at scale. All without compromising a fanatical approach to service.

Chris Williams, ViewQwest’s Chief Operating Officer said, “We were launching into a market with thousands of potential customers and needed to scale fast. The systems supporting our corporate business wouldn’t have kept pace. Also, residential markets are extremely competitive with razor thin margins. We needed a solution that would help us deliver great service but also contain costs.”

CEO Vignesa Moorthy’s interest in Zuora for subscription management led ViewQwest to Salesforce and a platform-based approach. “We saw that with Salesforce we would be able to bring in all of these different components and build a platform to scale and grow the business,” said Chris.

The solution is fast and efficient and helps ViewQwest manage an increasing number of subscriptions as it expands its reach across Singapore and Malaysia. Salesforce gives it a platform to scale both subscriptions and service, making entry into new markets near effortless.

Exceptional service at scale

Exceptional service is the number one goal for ViewQwest. “People who come to boutique providers don’t want to be treated like a number. They want personalised service across whatever channel they choose. Salesforce helps us meet customers wherever they are and solve problems quickly,” explained Chris.

Salesforce has helped ViewQwest connect to its customers in a whole new way, and deliver omni-channel support with a human touch. Cases come directly to agents through the Salesforce Customer Success Platform or are escalated to managers as required. Service is more personal and seamless with staff having account information at their fingertips.

With Salesforce streamlining service the team can be more proactive in monitoring customer conversations on forums and social media. “Our aim is to meet challenges head on and resolve any issues before they become bigger and more problematic,” said Chris.

Disrupting new markets

ViewQwest’s CEO Vignesa Moorthy said, “I think companies should try to find their fit and what makes them unique. Focus on customer service and be as technologically disruptive as possible.”

The ISP is a remarkable example, turning Singapore’s residential broadband market on its head in spectacular style. Now, the company is continuing to push boundaries, metaphorically and physically. It has entered the Malaysian market and is eyeing up the Middle East – teaming up with Oman’s only fibre broadband ISP.

“We are able to leverage a platform we have already built to take us into new markets effortlessly,” said Vignesa. “Still, the best thing is to hear customers say how happy they are with their service.”


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