Make every part of your business smarter with Einstein — it’s AI designed for Salesforce.

Sell smarter by intelligently prioritising your top leads and opportunities with Einstein, your own personal data scientist.


Spend your time more effectively — Einstein automatically prioritises the leads most likely to convert based on your history and past deals.

Know whether or not a deal is likely to close — identify customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement right in the Lightning Sales Console.
See key business developments pertinent to your accounts — stay up on your customers’ latest news, M&A activity, and company expansion updates.
Increase productivity by connecting your email and calendar to Salesforce — keep records up to date without any tedious data entry.
Analyse emails and calendar events, identify new contacts and any Contact Role relationships, and surface suggestions for automatically adding new records to your CRM.

Deliver the right content, to the right audience, on the right channel, at the exact right time with AI right where you work.

Increase average order values, convert more anonymous web visitors, and recommend the next best product, content, or offer faster for every customer on any channel.

Manage social interactions around the globe by automatically analysing their tone, sentiment, and spamminess using Einstein insights in Social Studio.

Using Einstein Image Classification, recognise logos, objects, food, and scenes in social images to discover new insights regarding your brand — like where certain products are being used — even if your name or keywords aren’t mentioned.
Leverage AI to analyse billions of touchpoints across consumer journeys and discover the optimal paths to conversion, including insights about which channels, messages, and events perform best.
See how Einstein guides marketers.
Enable community members to discover the people, content, and conversations they need to be the most productive, every day.

Make the resources members need easy to find — automatically suggest relevant experts, groups, and content based on interests, needs, and behaviour from their social activities.

Keep members engaged by identifying and promoting popular content — ensure that important posts and hot-button conversations are seen, thanks to an intelligent activity feed.
Help your community members find certified experts on the topics that matter most to them so their questions are answered faster than ever.
Get the top-ranked answers to searches based on relevance and engagement signals such as most recent, likes, views, and answers with Einstein Feed Search. Better yet, the search algorithm uses the Einstein Learn to Rank technique to get better over time so users always get the best results.
See how Einstein aids every community member.
Find patterns in your data so you can predict future trends and always know the next best sales, service, or marketing action.
Find insights in millions of data combinations by automatically examining all variable combinations — eliminate the trial and error of hypothesis-driven analysis.
Now Trailblazers can build smarter, more predictive apps that leverage their Salesforce data and solve their specific business challenges with myEinstein. So everyone can have AI that’s customised for their business, without needing a data scientist.

Harness the power of image recognition to build AI-powered apps fast — solve a wide array of specialised use-cases by leveraging pre-trained classifiers or train your own.

Harness the power of image recognition to solve a wide array of specialised use-cases by leveraging pre-trained classifiers or train your own.
Train models to recognise objects within images and detect types and quantities of the objects at scale.
Leverage the power of natural language processing to analyse the sentiment of text and classify as positive, negative, or neutral.
Use this fully customisable service to classify the underlying intent in a body of text to understand what customers need across all channels.
Delight shoppers with intelligent 1-to-1 shopping experiences powered by product recommendations, personalised sorting, and data-driven merchandising insights — no data scientist required.

Use data from shoppers, orders, and products to make experiences smarter with Einstein — identify the best products and deals to offer by visualising customer behaviour.

Create unique customer experiences across mobile and desktop with personalised product recommendations that eliminate manual merchandising and boost revenue per site visitor.
Help shoppers find what they are looking for faster by personalising search and category page results to each customer, whether they are known or unknown.
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