Meet Marketing Cloud Advertising.

Integrate your digital advertising with your marketing and CRM data to build personalised customer experiences.

See Marketing Cloud Advertising in action.

Learn how Salesforce helps brands power 1-to-1 advertising, using your CRM data to reach customers wherever they are.


Drive your Google, Facebook, and display advertising securely — and at scale.


Activate your data across the platform.

Use any of the data available in Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud to help shape and guide your advertising.

Work in a trusted system.

The world’s top brands trust Salesforce to protect customer data and to be available anytime. Your customer data never leaves the safe environment of the Salesforce platform — and there’s no scheduled downtime.

Reach audiences at scale.

Synchronise customer records instantly from any digital channel and make sure they’re always up to date — whether you’re managing campaigns for dozens or millions.

Target audiences on their preferred channels.

Build audiences on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and — with Audience Studio — the entire display advertising ecosystem.


Integrate your advertising with the rest of your marketing, sales, and customer service.


Find new customers with lookalikes.

Gain new prospects that behave like your current high-value customers using Salesforce, Facebook lookalike audiences, and Google similar audiences.

Align email and advertising campaigns.

Coordinate advertising with email to reach more of your audience. Increase purchase intent by sharing your message with customers in both channels.

Re-engage inactive subscribers.

Effectively identify and reconnect with customers who are no longer interacting with your brand, on their preferred channel.

Suppress ads to existing customers.

Stop advertising to current customers on Google and Facebook — and optimise spending by excluding other unwanted segments.


Drive powerful lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns while capturing leads in Salesforce.


Connect with Pardot and Sales Cloud.

Enhance your acquisition and nurture strategy by coordinating your advertising with lead scoring, email nurture campaigns, and your sales teams.

Automate leads from Facebook.

Automatically flow Facebook leads into Salesforce — then take immediate action with sales and marketing teams.

Create Facebook ad campaigns in Journey Builder.

Extend the reach of your email marketing and build cross-channel journeys across email, mobile, and Facebook ads — without a separate digital advertising team.
Increase the ROI from your Google AdWords strategy by segmenting your prospect and existing customer campaigns.

Discover Trailhead and get on the path to delivering real marketing ROI, faster.

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