That's the Ticket: Finding the Best Help Desk Ticketing System for Your Business

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It doesn’t take much to lose a customer. New research suggests that 82% of customers stop doing business with a company following an unsatisfying customer experience. At the same time, poor customer service can lose you more than just the client who is experiencing it. Unhappy customers are more likely to tell others about it — 95% of consumers who have had negative customer experiences have told others about it, compared to the 46% who have shared positive experiences.

Providing the right levels of customer service takes dedication, time, and personal interaction. For small businesses with only a few clients, this task can often be managed by a handful of devoted service representatives. However, with internet technology opening up new worlds of buyers, even small businesses are finding that their customer base is growing beyond what conventional service agents can handle.

Software tools have been developed to help take some of pressure off of overburdened service representatives. One such tool is help desk ticketing system software.

What is a Help Desk Ticketing System?

When customers have problems with a product or service you offer, they contact your business looking for a resolution. Help desk software makes it possible to provide direct support to an almost unlimited number of clients. Help desks function much like call centres, except that help desks can also be used to resolve IT-related problems within your organisation.

When someone contacts a help desk, they submit what is known as an electronic ‘ticket.’ This ticket is basically a request for support. Once the ticket has been received, the help desk staff assigns someone to to the account in the order that it is received. The entire process is organised and automated. Help desk ticketing systems for small businesses allow organisations with limited resources to provide effective support for potentially thousands of clients and employees.

What are the key features of an effective help desk ticketing system?

Small businesses depend on satisfied clients and repeat customers. With that in mind, there are certain tasks that an effective help desk solution needs to be able to perform, beyond simply managing support requests.

Clients aren’t interested in waiting for your business to be ready for them. If they have questions or concerns that you are not equipped to address, they will go elsewhere. So, if the question is “when is the best time to implement a help desk ticketing system?” the answer is always “as soon as possible.” Because of this, the best help desk ticketing system solutions are those that can be set up and put to use immediately.

Out-of-the-box solutions that can be up and running within hours (rather than days or even weeks) mean faster resolution of client and in-house issues, which means better profits for the businesses that use them.

Of course, just because a software solution can be implemented quickly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a perfect fit. The best help desk ticketing systems allow for in-depth customisation, configuration, and enhancement. So, when you commit to a help desk system, you can be sure that it’s optimised to meet your needs, specifically. And should those needs change, the software should be able to change along with them.

And speaking of change, your business shouldn’t have to just to take advantage of help desk ticketing software. Help desk solutions that can easily integrate with your existing programs, systems, and processes help make sure that you won’t have to reinvent your organisation just to ensure better customer support.

Finally, the software should be able to consolidate support cases from every channel a customer might use. Whether the contact comes via email, your website, social media, etc., your help desk ticketing system needs to be able to automatically process and log the request. This ensures that no clients ever fall through the cracks of your system, because the cracks won’t exist.

Considering these factors, finding the right solution may seem like a difficult task. It doesn’t have to be. A detailed help desk ticketing system comparison will show you which solution has the power and versatility to optimise your small business’s support capabilities. Salesforce is that solution. is Customer Support Upgraded.

Salesforce takes customer support to the next level. As a completely cloud-based, online help desk ticketing system, can be accessed on any authorised platform or device, and users can access the same, up-to-the-minute data, automatically synced in real time. Desktop, laptop, or mobile device — no matter what you or your employees use, is there. And that accessibility doesn’t end with employees; is capable of consolidating cases from every media channel your customers use.

Universal access via the cloud means unmatched support collaboration, where everyone in the company can help customer have the the kind of experiences that turn them into brand ambassadors. Additionally,’s intuitive, data-visualisation user interface gives users the power to assimilate important customer and support data at a glance, reviewing client profiles, editing information in bulk, creating automated responses, and more, all with ease.

All of this is accessible right out of the box, while also offering nearly unlimited customisation and configuration options, and is protected by the high security standards that help define the Salesforce brand.

Support Your Customers with

This is the age of the empowered customer, and those customers expect powerful service and support. In fact, 56% of customers have higher customer service expectations than they had even a year ago. Meet those expectations, and give your customers a reason to come back again and again. Salesforce offers an exceptional, all-in-one help desk ticketing solution that addresses issues in a way that clients appreciate.

Your client base is growing. Grow along with it with the best help desk ticketing system available — from Salesforce.

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