Public Sector Solutions

Introducing purpose-built products for the Public Sector developed for and with Government.


Transform how constituents and public servants work together.

Elevate the constituent experience with E-government products for citizen self service. Serve citizens faster with packaged apps including licensing, permitting, inspections, grants, and emergency resource requests. Empower employees to work from anywhere - all on a single platform.

Grow communities faster with out-of-the-box licensing, permitting, and inspections.

Accelerate each step in the license, permit, and inspection cycle by taking a digital-first approach. Guide constituents through application requirements for their business, occupational, or individual needs while streamlining site visits to keep business and resident projects moving forward.
  • Create an online community to support constituent self-service for any license type
  • Help constituents find and complete applications faster with intelligent forms
  • Simplify site visits with guided inspection templates
  • Get a single view of the application pipeline to project revenue with greater accuracy

Simplify grants management with the world's #1 CRM.

When facing extraordinary challenges, governments must spring into action with funding and resources to restore wellbeing. Public Sector Solutions for Grants Management is a quick-to-deploy application that helps governments deliver the right funding to the right grantees — at the right time. With real-time insights to program performance, governments can introduce new levels of accountability to ensure that funds are being used effectively to support their mission.
  • Transform applicant experiences with a digital-first approach to application intake through ongoing services.
  • Use a single system to manage different stakeholders and funding programs.
  • Streamline the life cycle of grants from start-to-finish with modern collaboration tools.
  • Increase transparency and accountability for both grantors and grantees with real-time reporting.

Prioritise and mobilise resources to rescue communities in crisis.

Empower constituents, employees, volunteers, service members, and field workers with digital tools to find, request, coordinate, and deliver emergency services. Speed up disaster relief efforts with a single platform for streamlined program management and incident resolution.

  • Help communities get what they need using one portal that can share all crisis updates and submit emergency service requests
  • Accelerate community responsiveness with a single view of all emergency requests and approvals
  • Find and assign volunteers faster
  • Connect with response workers in the field using intuitive mobile apps

Empower employees to drive mission success from anywhere.

Provide government employees with digital-first tools for day-to-day operations. Digital forms, workflows, and automation minimises the effort associated with hundreds of internal processes, such as HR and IT service requests. Engage employees with an easy modern interface that enables them to focus on the mission.
  • Digitise government employee forms
  • Increase productivity within a single workspace
  • Streamline employee service requests with workflow and automation

Deliver seamless support experiences

Create consistent, personalised service experiences across any channel. Keeping constituent and case data in one centralised location provides service reps the information they need to solve cases fast. And that same data can be accessed by constituents at any time to find the answers they need, on their timeline.
  • Unify every channel, from analog to digital, on a single platform
  • Scale support with self-service
  • Unlock agent productivity
  • Deploy digital experiences faster

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