On Friday 14 July, my 7-year-old daughter Josie spent the day at work with me. As did over 200 other kids and their parents. It was the annual ‘Take Your Kids to Work Day’ at Salesforce – a highlight on our calendar, for many reasons.

My daughter loves socialising with the people I talk about every evening, and particularly relishes the opportunity to meet their kids. So she leapt at the chance to come along to this year’s Take Your Kids To Work Day (#TYKTWD).    

For me, the annual event is a wonderful opportunity to meet my colleagues’ children and put faces to the many names we hear about so often.  There are certainly some real characters and it is incredible to see the ‘mini-me’ versions of so many of the team.

What happens when kids take over the Salesforce office


This year’s kids’ day was a resounding success – for me, for my daughter, and for the many other parents and kids that participated in the day. The event saw Salesforce surge with a new energy, one in which the kids took over the Sydney and Melbourne offices and the company happily collaborated.

Wandering around the office, you could see the delight on children’s faces as they swivelled around in their parent’s office chair, danced along with some of the superheroes and Salesforce mascots we had in the office, or participated in one of the many activities on offer. And you could see the pride and delight in parents’ faces as they introduced their children to their workmates.

Highlights of the day included:

  • Salesforce.org birthday card activity – the kids got creative designing birthday cards to send to underprivileged people in out-of-home care.

  • Earthforce activity – kids planted seeds in biodegradable containers to take home and watch them grow.

  • Hour of code – older kids got the chance to do some coding and discover that code isn’t scary and is in fact a really exciting skill.

  • Mathletics – an exciting interactive maths program used to help learners improve their maths skills through play. Some became the boss for the day and gave early feedback on the latest games and activities that are being cooked up by the Mathimagicians at Mathletics HQ.  

  • Science experiments   some of the older kids also donned lab coats and goggles while they were taught how to make ‘snow’ and witnessed a volcano erupt with foam.

  • Superheros and face painting –  Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man all visited the Salesforce office for the day, providing entertainment for the kids including face painting, balloon entertainment and games.

Celebrating the Ohana culture


Children naturally feel an affinity for the workplaces where their parents spend so much time. And employees generally feel an affinity for the colleagues they work so closely with. A day like this celebrates these affinities – and ties in beautifully with the Salesforce Ohana culture.

Ohana is all about creating a sense of belonging. Salesforce is a global family of employees, partners and customers who strive to work collaboratively and compassionately. It’s like working in a big, extended family where you know that the people around you genuinely care for you and have your best interests at heart.

It is an honour and a privilege to bring my children into this extended ‘family’. I am incredibly proud to work at Salesforce, and even more proud to show my children where I work and to introduce them to the people I work alongside.

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