Day two of #DF18 has just come to a close in San Francisco and – in true Dreamforce-style – it’s been another action-packed day. There was an improved Google partnership announced, a Dreampitch winner crowned, zen walks, a benefit for LGBTQ+ equality and, of course, Dreamfest.

Here’s some of the biggest highlights from the past 24 hours:

1. Pitchcomp 2018: A rising startup was found in CarServ


A few weeks ago, Mars Mundy pitched his operating system for the automotive repair industry to Salesforce President and Chief Product Officer, Bret Taylor, during a 40-second elevator ride in the 61-floor Salesforce Tower. Today, that chat paid off with CarServ beating two other finalists and winning Dreampitch 2018, walking away with the top prize of a $250,000 investment opportunity from Salesforce Ventures.


Each finalist was grilled by a judging panel made up of musician and tech investor, Bloomberg tech reporter Emily Chang, NBA star Andre Iguodala, Maverick Founder Guy Oseary, and Canvas Ventures Co-Founder and General Partner, Rebecca Lynn.

"Judges praised CarServ’s execution abilities, technological innovation, business savvy and culture."


We heard that Mundy’s inspiration to create CarServ came from his own personal hassles experienced after a car breakdown. Using the Salesforce cloud-application platform Heroku, Mundy and his team built a solution that uses data to improve customer engagement while increasing revenue. Judges praised CarServ’s execution abilities, technological innovation, business savvy and culture.

Watch Dreampitch 2018 on Salesforce Live.

2. Lilou the philanthro-pig visits the Dreamforest


Large conferences can be a stressful environment, but Dreamforcers were feeling a lot better after encountering Lilou, the world's first airport therapy pig.

This San Francisco SPCA-certified therapist and all-around 'Dreampig' brought smiles and selfie moments to the crowd.


Pigs are supposed to be as smart as human toddlers. Lilou has a pretty shiny manicure though, so we think she's probably as smart as a teenager.

3. How much do you trust a robot?


Timnit Gebru, research scientist at Google, warned about the dangers of ‘automation bias’.

“People tend to trust algorithms, and they don’t apply critical thinking skills in the same way we would with human beings,” he said.

Gebru used the example of a Georgia Tech experiment where students willingly followed robots towards a burning building.

“If I was trying to lead you guys towards a burning building, you would say, ‘No, I’m not going to follow you, you’re crazy!’,” he said.

Following a robot though? “That’s not what they did… students were just thinking that this robot knows best.”

4. Yo-Yo Ma was a special guest at the Fortune Executive Summit


Over at the Dreamforce Fortune Executive Summit, Salesforce Chairman and Co-CEO Marc Benioff interviewed American cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who later entertained executives with an exclusive performance.

5. Some famous faces appeared in the crowd


You never know who you'll bump into wandering around the Dreamforce campus. You could even stumble upon a trio of friends like @MCHammer, @davidblaine and @JRart. (And if you suddenly have an urge to bust a move to Can't Touch This, you're not alone).

6. ABB CEO talks the importance of a service mindset


ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer and Marc Benioff sat down for a fireside chat on the importance of values, diversity, education, upskilling workforces for the future, and the promise of AI.

ABB is a Swiss company pioneering all kinds of technology - its robot recent conducted an orchestra and it was recently ranked #8 on Fortune's Change the World List.


Ulrich closed the session by acknowledging the company's customer-first approach: "Some people say, 'I own', 'I run'. I like to say, 'I serve'."

Watch the full fireside chat on Salesforce Live.

7. A zen walk around downtown San Francisco


The monks and nuns of Plum Village Monastery mindfully strayed from the Dreamforce campus for a stroll around the neighborhood with Trailblazers.


8. Integration flagged as a top strategic initiative

In the Integration Keynote, MuleSoft CMO Vidya Peter shared that many organisations have a real challenge to connect all of their applications, data and devices. "The average enterprise has 1100 cloud applications... 1100!"

"Integration is one of the most strategic initiatives a company can invest in today."


Then MuleSoft CEO Greg Schott and CPO Mark Dao hit the stage to discuss why integration is one of the most strategic initiatives a company can invest in today and how MuleSoft – a Salesforce company – is an engine for digital transformation.

Watch the Integration Keynote on Salesforce Live.

9. Outforce threw its annual Outfierce benefit


On Tuesday night, Outforce, our Ohana Group that celebrates equality and promotes diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity, threw its eighth annual Outfierce benefit –  Space Camp Outfierce.

Outforce set an ambitious goal to raise $60,000 for the Trevor Project, which provides life-saving crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ+ youth. Equality for all!

"Outforce set an ambitious goal to raise $60,000 for the Trevor Project."



10. “Conversational bulldozers” identified as kryptonite to inclusivity

In an afternoon session that looked at actionable ways to host inclusive group meetings, Salesforce Equality Education Manager Brigid Warmerdam encouraged the audience to speak up in meetings and get others to do the same.

She spoke about “conversational bulldozers”, who totally dominate meetings and drown out everyone else, being kryptonite to inclusive teams and innovation.


11. An epic Dreamfest


Of course, day two was topped off by an unforgettable night at Dreamfest. Metallica, Janet Jackson, MC Hammer and DJ Rob Garza brought down the house (well, the Civic Center Plaza and City Hall) – all benefitting UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

We’ve just hit the halfway mark of Dreamforce 2018, and we still have two jam-packed days ahead!

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