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Has Sales Changed Forever? We Got the Experts to Weigh In

While a lot about the sales profession has changed in the past year, do these changes mean sales teams need to adopt a new set of skills? We put this question to sales experts Tony Hughes and Cian McLoughlin ahead of the Sales Episode at Salesforce Live: Australia & New Zealand, now available on-demand.

9 Top Trailblazer Tips From 2020

Our Trailblazers have shared incredible stories of resilience, triumph and community with us this year, as well as the lessons they’ve learnt in the toughest business and personal circumstances many of us have experienced. 

The Data of Emotion

There is a rich science around the physiology of emotions, just like there is a rich science behind analysing and using data.

Q&A: How Veolia’s Collaborative IT Drives Digital-First Businesses

A change of structure at Veolia provided the foundation for the business to tackle the demands of COVID-19. Di Terry, Salesforce’s Vice President, Australia – Solution Engineering caught up with Ben Sullivan, Chief Digital Officer, Veolia Australia & New Zealand to discuss the non-traditional structure, launching a customer hub, and becoming a data company.

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