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Top 9 Trailblazer Tips — in Gifs

We’ve been lucky to have so many of our customer Trailblazers sharing their insights, advice and expertise with us this year. Now, we’ve picked 9 top moments with tips on data quality, business…

How Xero Supports Future Growth With Innovation

In a recent webinar launching the Salesforce State of Marketing Report, Xero Chief Customer Officer Rachael Powell shared how Xero’s marketing and customer experience functions have innovated in communications, support and product to help customers while strengthening Xero’s ability to weather the COVID crisis and prepare for post-COVID work. 

5 sales tips for ‘the new normal’

COVID-19 has put true value on adaptability, patience and empathy. Sales leaders and sales reps need to find new strengths, to over communicate and continue to learn, and to rethink metrics to enable partnership. Here, Ian McAdam provides his five top tips for sales teams and leaders now – and not one of them is ‘sell sell sell!’.

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