What is CRM ?

Learn how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can streamline and automate your business processes.

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

A CRM system is a business tool that allows you to manage all your customers, partners and prospects information all in one place. The Sales Cloud (Salesforce.com’s CRM system) is a secure cloud based CRM system that can help every part of your business get a 360 degree view of your customer.

For example, it helps:

  • sales teams close deals faster
  • marketing manage campaigns and track lead generation
  • service call centres reduce the time to resolve customer complaints

Salesforce Is Customer Focused

Salesforce CRM applications are built on the power of Salesforce Platform, so you can run your business on any device, easily build new customer applications or integrate with existing back office systems. You’ll be up and running in 30 days with the world's most proven and loved customer relationship management solution. With our pay-as-you-go model, the price of success is dramatically lower.

CRM Grows Revenue

To grow revenue, you need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that can scale with you— you need Salesforce. Managing contacts and sales opportunities is just the beginning. With the world’s #1 CRM, you can track marketing campaigns and sales activity — every lead, opportunity, and customer — and take action from wherever you are. So you spend more time selling to the right people, armed with up to date information and social insights.

No Hardware, No Software

No software, no hardware means you’re up and running and positively impacting your business in no time at all. With Salesforce CRM, everything comes to you — leads and opportunity management, sales forecasting, analytics reporting, contact management, notifications. Don’t get bogged down with technology, servers and software, let us take care of that and so you can focus on your customers and close the next big order.

Complete Customer Management Solution

Salesforce is fully mobile and covers every customer touch point and every stage of the customer lifecycle, so you can close deals, log calls, track emails and view your performance — wherever you are. Sales activity tracking ensures instantaneous customer updates so there are no surprises when you’re on the road. Salesforce makes it easy for you because everything is connected.

World’s #1 CRM Solution

Today, over 100,000 of the world’s most innovative companies—small, medium and large—use Salesforce Customer Relationship Management system to close bigger deals faster. Using Salesforce CRM is as easy as buying a book on Amazon.com. That means your employees will use it, so it will be a more effective tool for your business to collaborate, mobilise, and grow revenue. Customers, analysts, and industry experts agree: Salesforce = ease of use.

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Watch the free demo
Watch the free demo
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