We brought in Salesforce Professional Services for architectural oversight and they’ve helped us in a number of ways—big and small—and added enormous value.”

Ram Varadachari | Technology Transformation Lead, Baptcare

Baptcare co-creates new experiences with Salesforce and customers

Baptcare is a purpose driven and faith based organisation working across Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia. It provides residential and community care for older people and support to children, families, and people with disability, financially disadvantaged people and people seeking asylum.

Many of Baptcare’s services have operated independently in the past, which has led to a fragmented technology landscape and duplication of processes and systems. In addition to these internal challenges, Baptcare has faced significant disruption with changes in funding models, new market entrants as well as needing to consider a response to the recommendations resulting from the Royal Commission into Aged Care. As Baptcare focuses on partnering with customers to co-create their services, it is important that everyone is able to readily share information, and processes are easy and intuitive.

“Considering the state of our technology landscape and all of the external drivers, it was very clear to our leadership and the board that we needed to transform,” said Ram Varadachari, Technology Transformation Lead at Baptcare.

Customer-led transformation

Baptcare’s transformation kicked off in 2019 when it chose Salesforce as its customer platform, using it not only for CRM but to redesign its processes and services. Baptcare wanted to transform its way of working and put the customer at the centre of everything from initial sign-up through to the delivery of care.

“We consciously looked for a platform that would support an incremental delivery so we could test and learn with our customers as we went,” said Varadachari. “Salesforce was ideal for this purpose and allowed us to configure new capability rather than code.”

One of the first things Baptcare did was implement Salesforce Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ). This focused on streamlining the customer experience from lead to contract. When the initial implementation didn’t fully deliver, Baptcare engaged Salesforce Professional Services.

“We brought in Salesforce Professional Services for architectural oversight and they’ve helped us in a number of ways—big and small—and added enormous value,” said Varadachari.

One way Professional Services has supported Baptcare is by providing advice on solutions to be included in its roadmap and then quickly building proof of concepts.

The Professional Services team has also provided guidance to partners and Baptcare’s employees, helping them work faster to maximise the benefits of solutions like Salesforce CPQ. Salesforce skills and knowledge have been transferred in the process—setting Baptcare and its team up for long term success.

“As much as we rely on Salesforce and our partners to build new capabilities, it’s important for us to have the internal knowledge as well. Salesforce has really helped us with that and even mapped out the skills and training required for different roles,” said Varadachari.

Building blocks for success

Baptcare’s Home Care service has been an initial focus of its transformation, with the organisation needing to reduce administration costs and improve the staff and customer experience.

A live market test and learn environment was established, where new processes and ways of working could be developed via a new home care product, Self-managed Home Care Packages.

Michelle Marcantonio, Senior Project Manager - Business Transformation at Baptcare, said that the business was working closely with customers to co-create new processes and experiences, with the resulting learnings to be applied across the organisation.

“We’ve challenged ourselves to think differently and to put the customer at the centre of our organisation, and then we wrap technology and our internal processes around the person,” said Marcantonio. “Salesforce has given us the flexibility to do this while also providing a platform that will grow with us, as we continue to expand and diversify our offerings.”

Baptcare is using Service Cloud as a single source of truth for customers of its Self-Managed Home Care service. Together with Salesforce CPQ, Service Cloud has also streamlined the customer experience, from the point of customers’ first contact through to the completion of their contract.

For instance, Baptcare has digitised and combined sign-up forms and adopted Conga Sign for electronic signature. This has saved customers from frustrating and time-consuming excess paperwork while freeing up employees to handle more customer accounts.

The combination of utilising Service Cloud, CPQ and Billing and the efficiencies around Conga Sign for electronic signature have improved the efficiency of front line staff by around 20%, translating into an additional 18 billed hours per staff member per month.

CPQ and Billing has also decreased the time spent on administrative tasks like transaction processing, reconciliations and end of month financial reports by 53 hours per month.

Replacing manual reports with Salesforce dashboards has created additional efficiencies and provided Baptcare with increased visibility of pipeline and key data used to manage compliance. For instance, Baptcare can see when customers are at risk of overspending and step in to have a conversation with the customer, to ensure they are aware of the situation and can be supported in their decision making.

Baptcare plans to further improve the customer experience with a self-service portal to be built on Experience Cloud. The portal will initially provide the ability for customers to request reimbursements and access information such as care plans and funding balances. It  could also be extended to include community groups where customers can share best practices and tips on how to optimise their funding.

Marcantonio shared that the idea for the community groups is one of several ideas that have come directly from customers.

“As much as we try to step into the shoes of our customers, it is impossible to think of everything they need without asking,” said Marcantonio. “The collaboration we’ve had with our customers on this project is quite powerful and we now have all of these building blocks coming together which will help us to provide them and all of our customers with a better experience.”


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