If you feel your business resources are stretched, this is where Salesforce can really help you grow.”

Carolyne Burns, Managing Director

More hiring, less firing, as Expr3ss! grows with Salesforce

Employee attrition is an expensive headache for businesses. Expr3ss! solves staff selection problems for businesses with its custom-built predictive technology. The unique software takes the guesswork out of hiring staff and helps companies large and small to find the right people for the job.

The technology clearly works. One customer recently reported a reduction in staff turnover from 82% to 20% in its one division alone, with a significant boost in staff morale and performance as a result.

With year-on-year growth of 80%, Expr3ss! is clearly a company on the rise; and it is using Salesforce to steer this remarkable growth.

Forging a new path for recruitment

CVs are a stalwart tool in the recruitment industry, with recruiters relying heavily on them to narrow down a field of candidates for a job role. Yet, according to Carolyne Burns, Managing Director at Expr3ss!, 78% of CVs are misleading, 53% contain falsifications and 40% of job applicants outright lie on them by including fake experience.

“How can you find the best candidates for a job based on inaccurate information on a CV? It’s not possible, which is why so many companies continue to hemorrhage money through staff turnover,” Burns said.

Instead of relying on CVs to assess job applicants, Expr3ss! pairs a powerful survey created by Dr Glyn Brokensha with a company’s benchmarks for a job role, to quickly and easily find the right person for a particular job role. It is a unique approach to recruitment.

Salesforce steers fast growth

“As the founder of Expr3ss! most aspects of the business were stuck in my head in the early days. I knew everything about every one of our customers; I was a walking, talking CRM,” said Burns.

With so much knowledge tucked away, Expr3ss! was missing out on opportunities and prospects. The company lacked the strategies and processes to keep track of customers and realise its growth ambitions.

To aid in the growth of the business, Burns implemented the real deal. “We brought Salesforce into the company to get all the information out of my head and onto an easily accessible and highly visible platform. With Salesforce, I could translate everything that was in my brain – like sales, customer interactions, and training – and map it out in Salesforce,” Burns said.

Salesforce defines every single system and process at Expr3ss!, so that the growing team knows exactly what is required at any step of the sales and marketing process.

Supporting a speedy sales cycle

Expr3ss! lives up to its name when it comes to sales. The team responds to prospect and customer enquiries fast – 30 minutes for prospects and just 10 minutes for existing customer enquiries. This speed is supported by Salesforce.

From the moment a potential customer makes contact with Expr3ss!, their details are added to Salesforce. A guided tour of the software is immediately booked in. This tour serves two purposes – it demonstrates what the software is capable of, and it captures the specific needs and pain points of the customer. Expr3ss! uses the information gathered from the tour to work out which software package is best, and a proposal is drawn up.

It’s all done on Salesforce, fast.

Behind the scenes, Salesforce helps Expr3ss! management to keep track of the sales team’s performance. “We can see if a sales person is talking to the right contact, or if they are presenting the right solution. We can track the number of calls they make against our targets, and we can see if anyone needs to lift their game.”

Making every customer feel special

Expr3ss! is using Pardot to make every customer feel like they are the only customer.

“If a customer has had the guided tour, but needs to go away and think about it, we put them on a personalised nurture journey to give them insights into what they could achieve with Expr3ss! if they jumped on board,” Burns said.

Through Pardot, resources like behavioural interview guides, case studies and white papers are strategically fed to customers to educate them so they feel confident about signing up.

Once a customer is using Expr3ss!, Pardot continues to play a big role in making them feel special. “We have thousands of users, with hundreds more jumping on board every month. We can keep our communications personal with Pardot.”

“Salesforce is our business strategist, sales team, account management team, customer service team and marketing team, all rolled into one. If we employed people to fill all of these roles and do all the things that Salesforce does for us, it would cost us at least $1.5 million each year,” Burns said.

Furthermore, Salesforce frees the Expr3ss! team from doing the grunt work of sales and marketing. This creates more time in the working week to focus on more strategic tasks like product development and customer engagement.

“In one click on Salesforce, we can see where new opportunities lie. It really helps us map things out and think about where the business should be heading. We interrogate the data on Salesforce to guide our direction in future years,” said Burns.


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