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MOVE Mobility: The start-up using Salesforce to electrify Europe’s roads

MOVE Mobility exists to bring electric charging to millions of car owners and businesses across Europe. And at the time of writing, their Partner Manager Stephane Rosset makes up exactly 25% of the company’s staff.

So we’d forgive you for wondering why Stephane and his soon-to-expand start-up are even using enterprise software like Salesforce in the first place.

But look a little closer and you’ll find a company with an incredible amount of complexity in its sales operations – selling to both B2B and B2C audiences – and customer experience needs.

And a multi-faceted partner manager with a very clear vision of how he wants to set this company’s processes up.

Fuelling a change in mindset

MOVE Mobility manages charging infrastructure for companies’ electric vehicles.

It also offers consulting services to partners and potential customers, ensuring value for money and a seamless charging experience.

But although electric cars are becoming more and more common, they’re still far from the norm. That presents its own challenges for sales.

“At least 95% of people in Switzerland drive traditional cars. We need to sell the idea of an electric car, before we even get to the charging station,” said Stephane.

MOVE Mobility needed to sell a complex and new idea to any individual with an e-car. At the same time, they needed to resonate with companies looking to take responsibility for their carbon output and prepare for a future when electric cars are the new normal.

This is the true scope of their challenge.

Implementing a platform for massive scale

Despite being founded in 2018, MOVE Mobility already serves thousands of customers today – but it’s building the foundations to serve millions.

“We need to build a charging network with utilities companies across Switzerland,” explained Stephane. “So our marketing and CX has to be enterprise-level.”

To make that happen, Stephane implemented Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud as soon as the company started.

“I was blown away by the collaborative nature of Salesforce in my last role,” said Stephane. “As soon as I saw the scale of the task at MOVE Mobility, I knew we needed Salesforce along for the ride.”

“We’ve designed a platform that’s agile, adaptable and scalable, with data securely in one place.”

The idea is to make sure new MOVE Mobility employees have clearly defined processes to work to, while Stephane still has the flexibility to update those processes as and when he needs to.

Selling smart from the start

Handling data as a startup is notoriously tricky – particularly with growth ambitions as big as MOVE Mobility’s. Today’s up-to-date spreadsheet quickly becomes tomorrow’s lost silo.

And for such a unique offering, the team needed to track their marketing performance across the board.

“Prospects can get overwhelmed with the details – how do you charge a car, how do you build a charging station, what are the regulations? There’s a lot of uncertainty.”

With a single source of truth in Sales Cloud, Stephane implemented B2B sales tracking from day one.

Salesforce lets Stephane know if the team’s meeting KPIs (which are also automatically sent to the board so everyone has full oversight).

“If parts of our messaging aren’t landing, we can adjust our strategy. Salesforce gives us the clarity and insights to make smarter marketing decisions.”

Better data drives better CX

The team built custom objects that capture every charging station and access pass under their care (53,000 at the time of writing). That may sound like a lot of work. But it’s provided a wealth of data for service agents to have more informed and productive conversations.

“Now, if someone calls the call centre, we know their profile. We can also track every enquiry through Sales Cloud.”

Stephane has also built custom objects to generate tickets, creating a seamless transition from first contact to resolution.

And everything is tracked against MOVE Mobility’s KPIs – as the team sees more and more B2C cases, the more informed their customer interactions become.

“We have an excellent external call centre for customer service,” Stephane said. “With the 360 customer profile from Salesforce, agents can service our B2C clients just as effectively as our corporate partners.”

Nurturing a community...with project management

We love it when customers use our tools in new ways. With Experience Cloud, MOVE Mobility have created a two-way interaction with their most important clients. But while businesses usually use Experience Cloud to give people access to general information, Stephane and team have been using it in a far more specific way.

“We’ve opened project management to our main Utilities companies – they order something from us and they can talk to us on Chatter about their installation.”

It’s been so successful, Experience Cloud and Chatter are now fundamental parts of MOVE Mobility’s project management system.

“Collaboration has become central to how we work with customers,” explained Stephane. “With Experience Cloud and Chatter, we can have informed, real-time conversations within the context of every project/installation.”

It means a complex buying journey becomes a whole lot simpler with Stephane and his fellow experts on hand to support their most valuable customers. Each has full oversight of the other.

It’s a level of transparency and communication that allows MOVE Mobility to forge deeper relationships with partners and stakeholders – even during the upheaval caused by COVID-19.

“It’s been so easy to work effectively with each other and our customers, no matter the disruption,” said Stephane.

Measuring success

Start-ups do well when they know what specific outcomes they should be aiming for. At MOVE, Stephane has made sure all the data they manage is filtered down to a small number of key data points that can focus everyones efforts.

“In two clicks I can see our leads, contracts, opportunities in progress, installations, support – it’s so important to see all this info centralised,” Stephane explained.

MOVE Mobility also uses Sales Cloud as a Business Intelligence tool. “Everything we put into Salesforce lets us generate reports – it’s easy to take out relevant information in an actionable format.”

“It’s fantastic for our shareholders as well,” added Stephane. “They love that they can accurately see who’s coming onboard and our progress. Everyone’s kept in the loop and we can see the fruits of our labour.”

“And if we need to adjust our goals, we can easily generate new KPIs. Again it’s all in one system, and we can use it everywhere – including out in the field.”

MOVE Mobility expects to double its staff count by the end of 2020 – and Stephane can’t wait to see how the next phase of the company’s journey plays out.

“What was really satisfying was our newest recruit took Salesforce to heart straight away. I’m confident our next four joiners will be the same.”

“We have all the info we need to make life easier for ourselves and our customers. Everyone gets the most out of it.”

Salesforce has given us a new level of business intelligence. Now our shareholders can accurately see what’s happening in the company, every day. Our managers love it.”


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