You can’t manage what you can’t measure and that’s why having Salesforce is so important as a small business owner. It gives me the visibility I need to ensure we’re providing a great customer experience.”

Sachin Verma | Managing Director

Oreta services 9,000 new customers using Salesforce

IT and cloud service provider Oreta has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2015. It works with leading technology companies like Telstra, Google and Cisco to provide cloud and digital transformation services, and has featured twice on CRN’s Fast50 list of the fastest-growing companies in the Australian IT channel. Oreta’s success in the enterprise space with Telstra led to its team being invited to operate the Telstra Business Technology Centre in Melbourne, which is one of the largest in terms of customers.

Running the centre is a huge opportunity for Oreta and involves working with Telstra to service the needs of 9,000 small and medium size business customers in the region. Given the changing technology landscape and increased affordability and accessibility of cloud platforms, there’s a large focus on delivering technologies like cloud storage and data networks. Oreta is ideally positioned to provide these services with its deep expertise and a seamless customer experience underpinned by Salesforce.

“We’ve used Salesforce as our CRM from the beginning and it’s given us the tools and insights to grow 60% - 70% every year,” said Sachin Verma, Managing Director. “We’re now using it as a cultural hack to improve productivity and better service these new customers.”

Real-time view of business

Oreta turned to Salesforce early on to bring rigour and discipline to its sales processes and capture data to drive decision making. It implemented Sales Cloud first as a way to manage contacts and track what was happening in the sales cycle. This gave management the ability to see how opportunities were progressing in real-time and proactively help sales reps close deals.

The company has achieved the same level of transparency on the delivery side of the business with the Mission Control project management app from the AppExchange. Oreta uses the app to track time and resources and manage project outcomes and profitability.

“We now have various dashboards in Salesforce which provide a real-time view of what’s happening across the business. So when we’re having meetings we can focus in on specific deals or projects or what’s happening next week,” said Verma. “This has allowed us to cut a lot of noise out of the business and stop having conversations about what happened in the past.”

The increased insight and collaboration across different teams has helped to drive Oreta’s impressive growth and contributed to the successful delivery of projects. It has also helped Oreta establish a culture of best practice which it is applying to the Telstra Business Technology Centre.

Intelligent workflows

Oreta was appointed to run the Telstra centre at the end of 2018 and had to be ready to support customers by March 2019. In the couple of months in between, Oreta migrated Telstra data from legacy systems into Salesforce and created intelligent workflows to manage sales and service. This includes a streamlined process for selling mobile phones. With the use of Sales Cloud and guidance and technical support from Salesforce, Oreta has been able to automate this process so that it requires just 8 steps instead of the previous 17.

Service Cloud helps Oreta manage post-sales support and leverage automation to provide fast and proactive service. This includes automated updates on product delivery times. Service Cloud also provides management with visibility into support cases and resolution times so that they can ensure timely follow up with customers and identify processes that need improvement.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure and that’s why having Salesforce is so important as a small business owner. It gives me the visibility I need to ensure we’re providing a great customer experience,” said Verma.

Smarter growth

Oreta is now using Salesforce to scale both sides of the business. The company has adopted Pardot and is on a journey to improve the impact of its campaigns with communications which are directed at the right customer at the right time based on their previous interactions. Oreta also plans to use Sales Cloud

Einstein to further optimise sales activity and unlock new opportunities in the enterprise space. Oreta has extensive capabilities in AI and machine learning, and wants to better engage with larger customers around these offerings.

“We’ve been growing so quickly and are now at a point where we want to optimise that and target growth in specific areas,” said Verma. “We know that Salesforce is there to support us 100%.”


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