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The Salesforce Platform and Heroku enable us to work with our Aged Care Provider clients more closely and in real-time to ensure they receive the funding they’re entitled to and can therefore provide older Australians with the best care possible.”

Aaron Tabone | Chief Information Officer at Provider Assist

Provider Assist helps aged care organisations and residents thrive

Provider Assist helps aged care organisations by providing tools and services that educate and optimise their businesses to ensure financial viability and clinical excellence. These clients can then go on to do what they do best, which is to provide excellent care to their residents. 

Its core service is a benchmarking tool called MyVitals that lets clients see the difference between their current funding and what funding they may be missing out on. Once a static document, MyVitals has been re-built as an app using Heroku to provide clients with real-time insights. 

“Salesforce has helped us transform our benchmarking tool and build new ones that make sure our clients are claiming all of the funding that’s available to them. We do this because we know that with more funding, they can get the resources they need to provide even better care,” said Aaron Tabone, Chief Information Officer at Provider Assist.

Benchmarking and elevating performance

Founded in 2010, Provider Assist spent its first couple of years focused on gathering benchmarking data and pushing it back out to clients in a PDF. The data allowed clients to compare their performance to others in the industry and identify opportunities for additional funding. The challenge was that by the time clients received the PDF, the data was six-to-eight weeks out of date.

The company wanted to speed things up and provide a more proactive service, and it has achieved this by partnering with Salesforce and building new apps on Heroku and the Lightning Platform. These apps facilitate the exchange of real-time data and empower Provider Assist to better connect with its clients and advisors to provide them with a seamless experience.

“We often received data from clients that was six weeks old and then spent two weeks entering it into disparate on-premise databases and compiling benchmarks and actions for clients,” said Tabone. “Now we can see what’s happening in our clients’ business in real-time and they trust us to provide more timely advice.”

New and engaging experiences

Ease of development and trust were crucial to Provider Assist’s decision to use Salesforce. Not only was the Salesforce platform able to secure their data and bring it to life, the fact that it was a Platform-as-a-Service meant that its developers didn’t have to worry about infrastructure. Instead, they could jump straight into building out the company’s services to offer greater customer experiences.

“Heroku provided a way to take our data out from restricted and siloed databases and use it to power our whole business and change the way we engage with clients in real-time,” said Tabone. “We loved that everything was so visual, and it came with all the features we needed to build apps very quickly.”

MyVitals and other new client apps are now running on Heroku and better support clients to identify and resolve funding gaps. Provider Assist has also developed apps for employees which help them to visualise data in Salesforce and manage internal processes like invoicing. 

Built on the Lightning Platform by the users themselves, these employee apps share data with the customer facing apps using Heroku Connect. This ensures employees and clients both have access to real-time data to make more timely decisions. Additionally, Einstein Analytics can be used to spot trends in this data and drive the business to take action. For example, if the analytics show that a client is consistently missing out on funding, their advisor may need to visit them and provide related coaching. 

Powering proactive advice

Provider Assist’s team of advisors are now equipped with new insights to help clients improve revenue and care. They now have a single view of the client they can access from in the office or on-the-go and they can add their own notes to this information, something they could not do before. This helps them to have more contextual conversations with clients and recommend actions based on the latest data in real-time. 

Sales Cloud workflows trigger new actions based on client data. This could include a proactive call from an advisor or adding the client to an education journey or nurture campaign through Pardot. 

Tabone said Pardot had been great for building relationships with existing clients as well as educating and nurturing new leads. “By using Salesforce we’re able to communicate better and be more proactive which has been important in distinguishing ourselves in the market and building trust with our clients.” 

Leading the market

Provider Assist is making an impact with many more aged care organisations these days and growing fast. It has 120,000 aged care beds on its database which is up from 70,000 three years ago and represents 65% of the industry total. It has also launched a new executive service to manage their clients’ aged care funding. After just seven months, this service is managing funding related to 10,000 beds. 

Apps like Conga Composer and Adobe Sign from the Salesforce AppExchange have helped Provider Assist streamline processes like contract management as it has scaled. The company is also using GeoPointe to map its MyVitals data and identify location-based trends. Data is key to its continued growth and it is extending its use of Einstein Analytics to make predictions about client needs and where the industry is heading. This will help it to keep evolving its services and contribute to improving aged care. 

“Our meetings now revolve around different dashboards and reports, and it helps us make smarter decisions and ultimately make a bigger difference to residents’ lives,” Tabone said.  


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