Slack. It's where the future works.

Slack gives you a simpler way to get work flowing and engage productively with employees, customers, and partners, no matter where people are working.



Work smarter, not harder.


Stay focused with channels.

Create a Slack channel for every project, topic, or team so you can stay focused on the conversations and work that matter most to you.

Team with partners using Slack Connect.

Collaborate in Slack with partners, vendors, agencies, and customers. Bring up to 20 organisations together in a single, secure channel.

Keep the whole group in the loop.

Talk one-on-one or share as a group. Communicate out in the open or create private channels. Slack lets your team work however it works best.

Kick off video chats with a click.

It’s easier to see eye to eye when you meet face to face. Open a video or audio chat inside a Slack message. Slack supports all the most popular video conferencing services.


Keep it together while working


Launch apps on the spot.

With more than 2,400 apps available in the Slack App Directory, your team can access nearly any app right where they’re working in Slack.

Share context along with files.

Files, docs, photos, and videos can be shared from your device or the cloud, right inside a message. So you can attach more meaning to your attachments.
All your Slack conversations are searchable, making it easy for team members to quickly find important information, shared files, or message threads.


Get your work flowing.


Take the work out of workflows.

Workflow Builder lets you easily automate routine, repetitive tasks inside and outside of Slack with clicks, not code.

Customise Slack to meet your needs.

Slack API lets you build apps that streamline multiple systems — inside and outside of Slack — right where your people, partners, customers, and technology come together.


Scale up. Stay secure.


Enterprise-size scalability.

Slack supports collaboration at a global scale, with unlimited channels to mirror the way your company actually works.

Security that runs deep.

Get the control, visibility, and flexibility you need to manage security challenges. Our industry-leading program provides “defense in depth” at every layer of the Slack product.

Bring your own keys.

With Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM), you use your own keys to encrypt messages and files. Administrators can revoke access in a targeted manner to minimise disruption.

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