Vaccine Management Playbook

Your guide to building trust through public service during a global pandemic.


Rising to the Challenge

Organisations across the globe are on the cusp of delivering one of the largest mass vaccination campaigns in human history. Whether you’ve begun to administer vaccines or are in the early planning stages, overseeing the process of safely distributing effective COVID-19 vaccines to billions of people is extremely challenging and critically important. From reaching out to your communities, setting up appointments, monitoring inventory, logging and reporting outcomes, and helping to reopen safely, there’s a lot to coordinate and manage.

While technology plays a critical role in helping organisations navigate vaccine administration quickly and safely, legacy systems weren’t built to handle this scope and speed. They were built to deliver vaccines to help prevent childhood diseases and seasonal influenza. Andrew Pekosz, PhD., a leading virologist at Johns Hopkins University working on both COVID-19 and influenza, has outlined key differences between COVID-19 and influenza and illustrates why this pandemic is so critically dangerous relative to the typical flu season.

Opportunities exist to help you build trust with your constituents by demonstrating a well-coordinated, transparent process that disseminates facts and keeps everyone informed in an environment where changes will happen quickly and frequently.

We understand the need to address these challenges and close the gap between available systems with a platform that can help build trust with your constituents. Speed to deploy, scalability, and security are the hallmarks of centralised platforms that can help you get your vaccination management program running successfully. And because they’re nimble, those platforms are uniquely tuned to help communities and organisations remain agile as information and guidance from governing bodies continuously updates.

No matter where you are in your vaccine management process, our Vaccine Management Playbook will provide tips to help optimise programs you already have in place or help build transformative vaccine management programs from the ground up. The Vaccine Management Playbook covers four distinct phases of vaccine program administration:

  • Chapter 1: Preparation
  • Chapter 2: Awareness and Outreach
  • Chapter 3: Administration
  • Chapter 4: Program Monitoring and Community Safety
  • Chapter 5: Wrap up

Next: Chapter 1: Preparation

Gather your resources, prepare your program, and secure your platform.
See how to:
  • Identify the right system for vaccine program management
  • Make data-driven decisions to drive candidate prioritisation
  • Embrace industry standards for compliance

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