With Salesforce, we can strengthen the Infobip brand and deliver an enhanced customer experience”

- Vladimir Mladin, Senior Business Analyst, Infobip




Infobip enhances customers’ conversations with Salesforce

Every day, Infobip enables over 400 million application to person (A2P) messages on behalf of financial institutions, enterprises, organizations and chat applications worldwide.

Including both transactional and promotional traffic, Infobip supports its customers and clients’ enterprise communications, ranging from order and shipping confirmations, password resets, personal banking data, airline ticket confirmations, and government communications, to promotional sales offers, holiday discounts, and fundraising drives.

Infobip maintains partnerships with more than 800 Mobile Network Operators around the world, and in 2017 the company successfully interacted with 65% of world’s mobile phones in more than 78 billion transactions. And its aspirations for 2018 are even greater.


By the end of 2018, our goal is to interact with just about every mobile device on Earth,”

Vladimir Mladin, Senior Business Analyst at Infobip.

A scalable and flexible CRM platform supports growth.

Achieving its goal of an ultimate global reach requires monumental growth on the part of the company. And that’s where Salesforce comes into play.

“We need to become even more resourceful as a company; unifying our talent, data, and processes on a higher level to enable a richer customer experience,” explained Gea Damjanovic , Infobip’s resident Salesforce Expert.

With 58 offices across the world, providing network coverage in more than 190 countries, and serving more than 250,000 customers and clients, Infobip needed a scalable and flexible CRM platform. “Our previous CRM system was slow, and people hated using it. A lot of them had experience of Salesforce and wanted us to make the leap,” said Mladin.

Gaining better visibility and control of the sales pipeline.

Infobip made the leap in 2017, deploying a highly customised version of Salesforce to its 450-strong sales team. “Our sales people love everything about Salesforce: the way it looks, the way it supports their roles, and that it is so easy to use,” said Damjanovic. ”We used Trailhead and short education videos to bring the users up to speed on the capabilities of the new platform.”

These capabilities span the entire customer lifecycle. When Infobip receives a new lead from its website or another digital channel, it’s automatically logged in Salesforce. “We now have much better visibility and control of the sales pipeline,” explained Mladin. “Account managers can identify the best time to follow up with a prospect or customer based on previous interactions.”

Greater customer intelligence empowers sales teams.

Account managers can also tap into additional customer intelligence via an integration with LinkedIn. “With Salesforce, we can not only capture more data but better quality data,” said Mladin. “This means we can identify customer interest areas and associated cross- and up- sell opportunities.”

If an account manager or another colleague has a question, they can reach out via Chatter, which eliminates the need for multiple emails. “Chatter conversations can be linked to customer records, so they are always available,” explained Damjanovic. “It’s also a great tool for sharing company news and celebrating success.”

Accurate and personalised reports save time.

By making customer records accessible to tech support, the legal team and product owners, Infobip has been able to transform more than just its sales operations. For example, weekly reports on outstanding invoices help the finance team prioritise the activities that will deliver most value to the business.

“Before Salesforce, we had a team in nearly every office collecting finance data in Excel, which was both time-consuming and complex,” said Mladin. “Now our teams can download personalised reports at the touch of a button and be confident that the information is up to date.”

Infobip achieves stronger sales outcomes.

By empowering its teams with smarter processes and richer insights, Infobip has not only boosted lead conversion rates but also shortened the sales cycle. “With Salesforce, our people are more productive and satisfied,” said Mladin. “It’s transformed our processes and our business.”

“With Salesforce, we can strengthen the Infobip brand and deliver a more seamless customer experience,” said Mladin. “This is a significant improvement for our company and will help us meet our goals and amplify our position within the global industry.”

Trailblazer spotlight

“I’m excited about where Salesforce will take our business and my role. I want to keep improving the experience for thousands of customers across the world.” Gea Damjanovic, Infobip


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