Salesforce enabled us to transform the way we can interact with our customers”

—  Krysta Fox, Director DMCC

With Salesforce, DMCC is able to support its member companies like never before

Delivering a one-stop solution

When Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) surveyed its customers on what would best improve customer service, 42% of respondents said faster processing of requests. Working in collaboration with Salesforce, DMCC is making that a reality. Only three months after “going live”, DMCC has been able to boost the percentage of services it can provide in a business day from 1% to 40%!

“With Salesforce’s help, we’ve improved our capacity to deliver on our commitment of making every client interaction simple, fast, consistent and purposeful,” DMCC Director Krysta Fox says.

As the largest and fastest-growing free zone authority in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), DMCC helps foreign companies from a range of industries operate in Dubai. The free zone authority provides all services needed for international companies to set up their business in the emirate, from company registration, to visa applications and office space.

To achieve their strategic goals, DMCC initially considered adopting Salesforce’s Sales Cloud as a CRM tool to be used in tandem with a number of different systems.

“We realized pretty quickly that Salesforce would be able to do everything we needed, from CRM and business development to all of our back-end processes, customer service, a member portal, website and business intelligence,” Fox says. “One system that does everything right from the get-go and pretty much off the shelf was a very exciting prospect, and we haven’t been disappointed.”

Putting customer satisfaction at the heart of everything

Before implementing Salesforce, DMCC employees had to search multiple databases to find customer information. Now, with the Salesforce customer service application Service Cloud, DMCC has a comprehensive history of all client interactions in one place.

As a result, DMCC is now able to make more and more of its services directly available through its member portal, which is powered by the Salesforce Community Cloud. What previously required a trip to DMCC offices can now be done in just a few clicks on the portal.

In addition, clients can find answers to the most common questions directly on the portal, thanks to Salesforce Knowledge.

“Salesforce enabled us to transform the way we can interact with our customers. Our portal is available from anywhere, anytime, on any device. We’ve received feedback from customers who say their life is a lot easier now that the member portal provides just one channel through which to comprehensively communicate with us,” Fox says.

Prior to implementing Sales Cloud, DMCC had no real-time or forward-looking reporting system. Now, the built-in reporting tools and dashboards enable DMCC employees to measure performance in real time. And that, Fox says, is driving performance and growth.

“It’s really transformative to have a global view of how our business is doing in real time and also being able to drill down to any layer of detail needed with just one click,” she says.

Salesforce has also revolutionized where and when DMCC employees can work. “Today, our employees can access Salesforce from anywhere, including from their mobile devices using the Salesforce Mobile App. It’s a completely new way of conducting business for us,” Fox says.

For Fox, implementing Salesforce has been the right choice: “We keep discovering more possibilities for this tool and our goal moving forward is to continue to unlock all of the ways it enhances productivity so we can continue to transform our business.”

Fox concludes: “We’re spreading our wings much, much further. We’re able to gain access to a much broader range of companies looking to set up their businesses in Dubai thanks to Salesforce.”


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