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With Salesforce, we can continue to give our customers the personable service they love while exploring ways to serve them even better in the future.”

Kiarash Azali, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems improves customer engagement with richer user profiling and smarter marketing campaigns

Would you rather buy a coffee from a vending machine, or from your favourite barista? In an increasingly digital world, face-to-face transactions can still make or break a sale. And IT solutions company Enterprise Systems knows the importance of getting customer service right. “There are a lot of players in the IT service game, but what brings 70% of customers back to us time and time again is our personable service,” said Matthew Drum, Channel Sales Manager at Enterprise Systems. 

The value-added distributor based in United Arab Emirates works with channel partners to provide networking, convergence, mobility, and security solutions for enterprise clients across the Middle East. Founded in 2012, its revenues have doubled every year since – a trend the company intends to continue as it expands across the region.

“When you’re doubling in size every year, that’s more customer relationships to manage and more team members to keep aligned,” explained Drum. “We need to be able to build strong relationships with customers, which starts at getting to know them. The better we know our customers, markets, and services, the more we can tailor our own products to meet their needs.”


With a better understanding of what we are selling and why, we can cross-sell or up-sell to customers more easily. We can also review our product lines to improve revenues or profitability.”

Matthew Drum, Channel Sales Manager at Enterprise Systems

A single repository for all customer data

Enterprise Systems plugs the skills gap between system integrators and their customers, providing end-to-end services from pre-sales, to design and implementation. Its tech team is fully qualified and certified with customer accreditations to help its customers’ clients outsource skills as required. “Managing customer relationships digitally is easy, but it takes away that human element. Our customers say we’re the only partner they’ve met face-to-face,” said Drum. “We needed the flexibility to keep our services both efficient and personable.”

Enterprise System’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Kiarash Azali, set out the criteria for a central CRM system. “We wanted a system that gave us a good overview of our customers and interactions, that also had the agility to show opportunities for developing our business,” said Azali.

In February 2017, Enterprise Systems found and implemented just such a platform. “Salesforce lives and breathes CRM: its functionality and product roadmap sealed the deal for us,” said Drum. With the help of partner, 4C, Enterprise Systems’ new platform was up and running in less than a month. “This was the most successful IT project I’ve ever worked on,” added Drum. “User adoption is high because people can see the value of what we’re trying to achieve, and how easy it is to use.”

Creating and updating customer profiles

With Sales Cloud, Enterprise Systems has built a complete and accurate profile for all its customers. “We even went so far as to sit customers down and quiz them to make sure our records were up to date,” explained Drum. “Now anyone in the organisation can find out everything they need to know about a customer in a matter of clicks.” For the sales team, this has contributed to a 25% increase in efficiency. 

The team at Enterprise Systems is also using the Salesforce Mobile App to update and access records on the go. “The more time the sales team spend on the road the better,” said Drum. “With the Salesforce Mobile App, we have better visibility of who is speaking to which customer when, and the outcome of those meetings.”

Greater efficiency and smarter decision-making

With better access to more accurate customer information, the sales team no longer have to schedule meetings just to source updates. “The time we spend with customers is now much more productive; we can focus on their requirements not our administration,” said Drum.

Every product sold to every customer is also logged in Salesforce, which helps Enterprise Systems make smarter decisions for the year ahead. “With a better understanding of what we are selling and why, we can cross-sell or up-sell to customers more easily. We can also review our product lines to improve revenues or profitability,” said Drum.

If a product isn’t selling well, the company’s leaders can look at why. As Drum explained: “We can see if the team needs more training or if we need to drop a solution from our portfolio.” Team performance is tracked via various dashboards and reports, which help to inform employee development and resource allocation. “We can see people’s strengths and weaknesses and match them to tasks they’ll excel at,” said Drum. “With Salesforce our reporting capability has improved by up to 75%.”

More effective marketing campaigns

To make sure it’s targeting the right audience with the right products, Enterprise Systems is also leveraging the data captured in Sales Cloud to create smarter marketing campaigns. “If we want to sell to hospitality customers in Dubai, a hit and hope campaign is not the most effective way to do that,” said Drum. “With Salesforce, we can drill down to find out which customers to target.”

More effective campaigns will also strengthen relationships with partner vendors that support the company’s marketing efforts. “Metrics are very important to demonstrate that we’re spending marketing funds in a smart way. Salesforce helps us to be accountable to our partners and deliver better outcomes,” said Azali.

Standing out from the crowd

Although Enterprise Systems is an SME, it has big ambitions. “For a company of our size, investing in CRM can be daunting, but it’s as essential for us as it is for large enterprises,” explained Drum. “Aside from the efficiency gains, the fact that we’re using the same CRM platform as some of the biggest brands in the world sets us apart in our customers’ eyes.”

The company’s commitment to personal service also remains a key differentiator – one that has been strengthened through greater visibility and efficiency. “When we set out on our Salesforce journey, our goal was to better understand our customers but we’ve also ended up better understanding our business,” said Drum. “We know what we are doing well and what we need to improve. As a result, we can continue to give our customers the personable service they love while exploring ways to serve them even better in the future.”


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