The Entertainer

With Salesforce, we have become a data-driven business, which gives us significant advantage over our competition.”

-Donna Benton, Founder and CEO

The Entertainer gets in on the act with Salesforce

Every time a customer downloads an app; every time a merchant redeems a voucher; every time a sales person closes a deal: the team at the Entertainer know about it. And it’s all thanks to Salesforce.

Prior to deploying Salesforce, the Entertainer used to distribute buy-one-get-one-free offers from more than 10,000 merchants in paper booklets. Now it has a real-time app and the competitive advantage to match: in under four months, the app enabled $4.5 million worth of savings for customers and produced $22.5 million worth of revenue for merchants.

“Salesforce is going to help us increase the value of the business 100-fold over the next three years,” comments Donna Benton, Founder and CEO of the Entertainer. “It’s empowered us to make the right decisions.”

Sales Cloud enables the Entertainer to bring together vast volumes of data from thousands of customers and merchants using its app. In the space of just four hours, it can work out exactly where its customers are spending and saving – this process used to take four months.

The improved insight into its business has already enabled the Entertainer to increase revenues by 50 percent in 2013 compared with the previous year.

“We can now draw real intelligence from our data, which will enable us to deliver greater value to customers and merchants alike,” confirms Benton.

Data data everywhere

The company has already increased its value by 100 percent in just 12 months. This success is largely down to improved data accessibility and visibilty. For example, with the Salesforce Mobile App, data can now be accessed remotely by the company’s 70 users.

“Prior to Salesforce, we had a lot of data, but it was all over the place,” admits Benton. “With Salesforce, we have become a data-driven business, which gives us significant advantage over competition. The data captured by Sales Cloud enables us to execute smarter marketing campaigns, provide a better customer experience and build stronger merchant relationships.”

Competitive advantage, however, isn’t just about data for the Entertainer; it’s also about efficiency. Automated workflows for closing deals, compiling offer content and collating customer redemption data all help maximise productivity and minimise costs.

With Sales Cloud also acting as a content management system for its app, the Entertainer has greater agility too. As Benton explains: “We can update our offers in the app in real time if a merchant changes or closes, which prevents customers arriving at outlet only to be disappointed.”

With greater automation, smarter data and stronger sales, the Entertainer is ready to take centre stage. “We’ve been tasked with growing the business by over 100% in the next three years,” explains Benton. “And with Salesforce behind us, we’re on track to achieving it.”


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