The beauty of Salesforce is its velocity and adaptability. It will get us where we want to be faster.”

- Leigh Phillipson, UK Sales Director

Smarter teamwork, greater mobility and faster processes put Treatwell a cut above the rest with an annual growth rate of 240%

Treatwell is taking health and beauty online, and millions of customers are following in its wake; two million people visit its website every month. To meet this demand, Treatwell must keep expanding its ecosystem of salons and spas across the UK. Thanks to Salesforce, Treatwell can pursue more opportunties, sign more venues and satisfy more consumers – and all in less time.

When Lopo Champalimaud unsuccessfully tried to book a massage online, his time wasn't completely wasted. It gave him an idea – an idea that became Treatwell.

Treatwell and its 9,000-plus network of UK salons and spas are revolutionising the way customers book their health and beauty treatments. “Nearly half of consumers want to book online yet only two percent of salons and spas offer this facility,” explains Champalimaud, now the company’s CEO. “We are bridging the gap between supplier and customer, connecting a customer to a business every 15 seconds.”

To ensure it can bridge this gap in every town and city across the UK, Treatwell must keep growing the number of salons and spas featured on its site. Thanks to Salesforce CRM, Treatwell has been able to do just that. As Leigh Phillipson, UK Sales Director at Treatwell confirms: “Sales Cloud helps the team keep track of prospective affiliates during the sales process by providing seamless access to every previous interaction and every snippet of information. In 2014, we more than doubled the number of affiliates on our system. We are now signing up new salons and spas at a rate of 700 per month.”

As well helping to increase volume, Sales Cloud has also increased velocity. “Since deploying Sales Cloud, we’ve halved the time it takes us to onboard new affiliates,” reveals Phillipson.

A healthy start

Speed and scalability were key reasons for adopting a cloud-based approach to CRM. Although Treatwell was founded in 2008, it still has the culture – and the ambitious growth plans – of a startup. “I knew we would be up and running fast with Sales Cloud,” says Phillipson. And he was right.

Sales Cloud was implemented 14 days after Treatwell signed the contract with Salesforce. The company took a phased approach to implementation, focusing on the sales basics, such as the number of opportunities followed up and the outcome.

Treatwell has continued to take advantage of the solution’s agility and adaptability. As Phillipson explains: “Just last week, one of the team asked if we could add a new field; it was implemented the next day. With Sales Cloud, we can take an idea and make it a reality really quickly.”

Since its deployment in January 2014, Sales Cloud has become fundamental to Treatwell’s sales and support operations in the UK – from lead nurturing and opportunity tracking to contract signing and affiliate on-boarding. “Before Sales Cloud, I didn’t know what our conversion rate was – now I can see it in real-time,” says Phillipson.

Enabling a mobile team

Real-time visibility is important not just to Phillipson, but the entire business. Treatwell’s support team aims to list a new venue on its website within 48 hours of them signing on the dotted line. But they can only do this if they have all the right information at their fingertips.

“We want to get venues online as soon as possible while they’re excited about the new opportunity. We’ve set up workflows and flags in Sales Cloud that mean a sale can’t be fully converted until all the relevant fields are completed,” explains Phillipson. “It has accelerated the transfer of information from sales to support.”

With a highly mobile sales force, Treatwell needs to ensure this information transfer can happen from anywhere and at anytime. “A sales rep might be out of the office for weeks on end,” explains Phillipson. “With the Salesforce Mobile App, they can access and share data as they move around the country. If a salon calls them up, they can look up their record to remind them of previous conversations.”

To help keep its sales team connected to each other while working in the field, Treatwell uses Salesforce Chatter, an enterprise social networking tool. As well as sharing company-wide communications, Treatwell has set up individual Chatter groups for each team.

“Any conversations about a venue are logged in Chatter, which makes it easier to follow and find than on an email string,” explains Phillipson. “Chatter helps our sales and support teams work together more closely. This means any issues that might delay the publishing of a new venue can be quickly addressed.”

The field sales team also uses the Salesforce solutions to pass opportunities onto their telesales colleagues to make follow-up calls.

Fit for the future

With all sales activity being logged in one place, Phillipson and the company’s management team can track productivity and performance. “I look at our daily metrics on the train every morning,” says Phillipson. “I can see how many new venues have been signed and segment them by type and location to gain a better insight into our growing network.”

This visibility doesn’t just keep Treatwell’s growth plans on track; it also aids staff development. “We can see who are the stars and who needs more support,” explains Phillipson. “If someone is logging in new leads but the conversion rate is low, we can step in and mentor them.”

As well as helping staff achieve their full potential, Treatwell also wants to free them from repetitive administrative tasks. “We don't want our people spending hours on reports; we want them to be out helping to grow the business,” comments Phillipson.

Thanks to Sales Cloud, Treatwell can now run a report in a matter of seconds. This has not only saved time but also avoided administrative costs of around £40,000 per annum.

As its use of Sales Cloud matures, Treatwell is now looking at what other processes can be streamlined or automated. For example, it is investigating apps within the Salesforce AppExchange that will enable the electronic signing of contracts and the routing of telesales calls.

“We want to bring more choice to consumers, and that means we need to sign up more salons and spas. With Salesforce we can get to where we want to be faster. It enables us to scale quickly and succeed quickly,” concludes Phillipson.


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