Quip combines your team’s work and communication in one central hub that’s accessible from every device. Spend less time on meetings and email, and more time getting things done.
Build, edit, and discuss your team’s work all in one place. Make it easy to stay organized, and keep moving forward.
Combine content and communication in a new way, so teams talk about work, where work happens. 
Draw focus directly where you need it with @mentions, inline comments, and push notifications on your phone and desktop. Quip makes team work as simple as sending a text. 
Create dedicated folders for teams and projects, and control access permissions at the group, folder, and document level.
* Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.
Embed the tools, apps, and data your team relies on inside of Quip to create documents that are always accurate, relevant, and to-the-minute up to date.
Discuss, comment, and make decisions around real-time data with all your team's critical apps in one place.
Add your Salesforce data directly to any Quip doc, and the data stays up to date. Give your team visiblity into every part of your business. 
Use Quip's extensible API to build your own Live Apps and create a solution that fits your team perfectly. Learn how easy it is to get started today.  
Link Quip documents to Salesforce records, accounts, and more. Quip Connect can help your team find and collaborate on crucial documents to better serve your customers.
Get full doc visibility and functionality to reach final decisions faster when you collaborate on the device that works for you, wherever you are.
Go from desktop to mobile without missing any updates or features. The Quip Collaboration Platform was built for mobile, so you'll enjoy the same amazing experience no matter which device you use.
Travel and work with your custom setup. Live Apps work on your phone because your teams need to access all their work, from anywhere. 
Keep working offline, and sync docs later with Quip’s auto-syncing desktop app.
Save time and start working faster today with pre-built templates that give your team the perfect combination of apps and tools to tackle any project.
Make it simple for your team to collaborate by combining all the apps they use into a single, customized Quip document, eliminating the need to jump from tool to tool.
Reclaim time spent searching through email or in status meetings. Real-time editing, inline comments, and chat make it easy to reach a decision without ever leaving the Quip Collaboration Platform.
Use version history to see who contributed or changed what content and when. Track conversations, decisions, and edits in context.
Escape endless emails and meetings. Use the Quip Collaboration Platform to become a happier, faster team today.