Unify student engagement with Salesforce Education Cloud.

Understand and predict student needs throughout their education journey. Quickly pivot to a digital-first strategy to stabilise operations, accelerate support, and evolve new learning models.

Manage your data

Improve the student experience and grow by integrating legacy systems and managing student data in one place.

Unify experience

Break down departmental silos and unify the whole student experience- from recruitment to alumni.

Create an online community

Become more agile to respond to student needs in real-time with community driven architecture.

Support your students

Support students at scale with Einstein powered chatbots and suggested actions when intervention is required.

Supporting the full student journey.

Discover how Salesforce Education Cloud helps Learning and Development Providers become more connected, student-centred and resilient.

Salesforce Education Cloud is a powerful set of bespoke solutions based on the foundations of our community-driven Education Data Architecture (EDA).

We draw on over 20 years’ experience transforming our customers around their customers, and we empower the education industry to quickly pivot to a digital-first strategy- to stabilise their operations, accelerate support, and evolve new learning models.


With Mulesoft, we enable the integration of legacy applications and data sets, enabling your solutions to connect to a single platform. Tableau enables accurate, real time understanding of student data, and Salesforce Education Cloud draws on Einstein AI to power chatbots and provide next-best actions to support students. With Salesforce Education Cloud you also get access to our unique AppExchange and online learning platform Trailhead to extend your capabilities.
Salesforce Education Cloud is a unified platform offering a 360-degree view of the student, and a single set of solutions designed to support the full learning experience and lifecycle, from admissions to alumni.

Support the next generation of learning

Learn more about increasing admissions, enabling educators and engaging students with Salesforce.

With Salesforce as a backbone, we’ve created a platform that’s providing amazing educational opportunities and outcomes to students who normally wouldn’t have them.”

James Kenigsberg | Co-Founder and CTO, 2U

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