Drive productivity with all-new Slack integrations for Customer 360.

Build your digital HQ with more flexible, inclusive, and connected ways to get work done anywhere.


Turn your sales team into a sales machine.


Collaborate in digital channels and win more deals.

Shorten sales cycles using dedicated channels for collaboration. The Sales Cloud for Slack app helps close more deals faster, by making it easy to update records, create strategic notifications, and centralise the selling team.

Manage and update Salesforce data in Slack.

Access and update Salesforce records and meeting information right from Slack – so you can spend more time selling, and less time switching screens to find data.

Notify the team of top priorities and big opportunities.

Set up channels to make sure teams get notifications of big opportunities or closed business. This helps salespeople easily see and track key developments.

Mobilise your entire company with Swarming.


Join forces to close cases faster.

Collaborate on complex, high-priority cases and incidents by automatically creating a Slack channel or thread with an out-of-the-box (OOTB) Salesforce Swarming workflow. The Service Cloud for Slack app allows you to efficiently manage Service Cloud cases and swarm.

Create deep insights from swarms.

Track swarm participation and metrics to support your case for a collaborative service model. A pre-configured AppExchange package of dashboards and reports lets you track swarming impact.

Accelerate your end-to-end marketing.


Make Slack your campaign command centre.

View and plan Marketing Cloud Journeys right in Slack and automatically alert your whole team the moment anything changes. Journeys includes Einstein AI, so you get proactive recommendations and instant alerts, like when campaigns are thriving, or when something’s off.

Analyse. Optimise. Win.

Align with key stakeholders faster. Automate live campaign insights and share dashboards, right in Slack. Marketing Cloud Intelligence Reports, powered by Datorama, are now fully integrated with Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Grow revenue when marketing and sales collaborate.

Account Engagement for Slack, powered by Pardot, aligns marketing and sales teams so you can grow long-term relationships and generate more revenue. Account Engagement also helps you drive more pipeline and empower the sales team to close more deals, right in Slack.

Put data at the centre of every conversation.


Get total data clarity.

Get AI-powered predictions and recommendations to help answer your most important business questions and share it all with your team with Einstein Discovery in Slack. Coming soon.

Deeper data insights — automatically.

Get notified in Slack for changes to your data, mentions, and sharing activity in Tableau. Create digests and subscriptions for data and CRM Analytics dashboards. You can also get data in the flow of work and jump directly into Salesforce or Tableau to gain deeper insights.

Help your Salesforce Slack apps talk to each other.

Work flows when your Salesforce apps in Slack can communicate and share information. The Salesforce Digital HQ for Slack app makes that possible.

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