SteelBrick is now Salesforce Quote-to-Cash. What does that mean?

We define Quote-to-Cash as the complete set of business processes involved in selling, from creating initial offers for prospects to collecting cash. Quote-to-Cash begins with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)—configuring the offer, developing the appropriate pricing, and creating the quote. It continues on through negotiations, invoicing, payment, and even renewals and renegotiations.

You can use these questions to start thinking about your own Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process:

  • How do your sales reps navigate configuring items on quotes? Do you ever experience errors or mismatches?
  • How do you manage price lists and discounting?
  • How many reviews are required in your quoting process? How long does it take to get an approved quote to a prospect?
  • How does an accepted proposal get transformed into an order?
  • How do you manage invoicing and revenue recognition?

Quote-to-Cash solutions are built to streamline and automate these processes, giving your business greater efficiency, more accuracy, and better visibility from initial quote to final payment.

Still confused? We’ve canvassed other Quote-to-Cash experts and are providing some additional resources to help you make sense of this space.

1. Advanced Technology Group (ATG) is a management and system integration consultancy focused on optimizing the quote-to-cash process. They have a very simple “Quote to Cash Tour” where they compare the QTC process with a visit to a fast-food restaurant. It’s a quick and easy way to understand which stages of your customer lifecycle QTC touches and how a Quote-to-Cash tool can help you close more deals faster.

2. Frank Sohn, CEO of Novus CPQ Consulting, wrote a LinkedIn article discussing the difference between Quote-to-Cash (QTC) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). Frank defines QTC as CPQ plus contract lifecycle management, invoicing and billing, and supply chain management. He also explains how businesses transform when these functions work well together.

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