Industry Solutions

While every industry has its unique challenges, building stronger connections with customers and employees—and everyone that matters to your business—is vital for all industries today. With Salesforce, your entire company can work together to engage with each other and with customers like never before.

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High tech

The tech industry leads the charge in adoption of new technologies to evolve their businesses. That’s why high-tech innovators use Salesforce to connect with customers and employees like never before.
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Financial services

To compete today, companies across financial markets must connect with clients on a deeper level. Salesforce helps you better engage and delight clients to produce higher-value services and a fiercely loyal client base.
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First, the Web redefined media. Now, the social revolution is shaking things up again. Whether you’re selling ads, entertainment, or information, Salesforce helps you learn what people want and turn customers into fans.
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Communications service providers ranging from telecoms to satellite and cable companies are using Salesforce to become more responsive and agile—connecting with customers and employees to drive innovation, win new business, and boost loyalty.
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Social media and mobile devices are breaking down walls between manufacturers and customers. Salesforce helps you succeed by building stronger relationships with consumers, channel partners, and suppliers.
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Retailers understand how radically social media has changed consumer behavior. Salesforce helps everyone from HQ to buyers to associates work together to create great customer experiences on every channel.
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Governments at every level are transforming: Openness, transparency, and collaboration are the order of the day—but so are speed, scalability, and affordability. Salesforce helps build the modern government your citizens deserve.
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Nonprofit & higher ed

Salesforce technologies help nonprofits build relationships with communities and find ways to deliver programs and services in innovative and efficient new ways. The Foundation can help–with discounts for qualified institutions and organizations.
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Non-profit and Education