I want one system able to support the sales process all the way through. Salesforce is mobile friendly – it’s the perfect tool.”

Tony Blamey, Chief Commercial Officer

Domain Group kick starts property industry after twenty years of the same process

Domain Group’s vision is simple. As one of Australia’s leading multi-platform property destinations, it wants to connect buyers and agents and give them the best tools to make the home buying journey easy. Domain Group’s Homepass app, integrated onto the Salesforce platform, does just that. “The process for home buyers hasn’t really changed in over 20 years as far as the open-for-inspection process goes. You still see agents on the weekends with clipboards and pens, stopping home buyers at the front door to gather their details,” said Tony Blamey, Chief Commercial Officer at Domain Group.

Salesforce is helping Domain Group deliver on its vision of a mobile connected world for agents and homebuyers alike, and to transform the open-for-inspection process completely. The Homepass app completes the connection between buyers and agents and provides both with information at their fingertips. Buyers simply download the app and start liking and checking in to properties. Agents download Homepass and catch that activity on their mobile devices in real time – as well as sync home buyer activity updates with the CRM back at the office. It can even connect with beacons on the open-for-inspection street signage to receive accurate data not only on whom came through the door, but also whom walked away. It’s giving a true picture of market demand.

In addition to giving Domain Group the ability to track and analyse demand, the information collected via the beacons can help agents have more in-depth conversations with their clients. For example, if a dozen buyers turn up to the front of the house but only two or three inspect it, it may signal an issue with the surroundings and trigger a conversation on price.

With Homepass, prospective buyers no longer need to fill out a form with their details at the door. Instead, they are automatically checked in by the app and the property details pop up on their mobile screen. The agent immediately sees their name, photo and history of inspected properties.

Domain Group knew there was a massive mobile opportunity just waiting to be harnessed with Homepass. Once the business made the decision to move forward, it was critical to move fast to be first to market. Success depended on large market capture – there was little room for second place.

“You have one or two chances if you’re lucky in rolling out something like this quickly. It needs to be easy, it needs to be simple, and it needs to make sense,” said Damian Medhurst, Sales Operations Director Fairfax Media.

In just two weeks, Domain Group developed a two-step process to get agents to activate Homepass. With just one click in Sales Cloud an invite is sent to the agent. With another click, a contract is delivered. The process uses Conga for the automatic creation and delivery of the contract while DocuSign is used to manage signatures.

Domain Group is using Salesforce to track adoption in real time dashboards. In an instant, account managers can see which agents have activated Homepass and which they need to follow up with. There are leader boards to show which account managers and states top the list in activations.

With just two weeks to plan and execute the rollout, there was not enough time to provide the team with in-depth training or FAQs. Instead, Chatter acts as a collaborative support community where account managers can find answers to frequently asked questions and add new ones.

Service Cloud complements Domain Group’s multi-channel support offering, helping the call centre to also quickly respond to agent inquiries. This integrates back into Sales Cloud which gives Domain Group a single view of its whole universe of agents and customers.

“Homepass is really evolving that open-for-inspection experience and giving agents back their Mondays. We wouldn’t have been able to take that into the market, the way we did, without Salesforce,” said Tony.


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