We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer support so items can move from A to B efficiently. It’s made possible with Salesforce.”

Justin Williams, Chief Executive Officer delivers exceptional customer service from point A to point B

It’s creating joyful delivery experiences for retailer customers, and it’s making waves across capital cities in Australia for its ease-of-use and exceptional service. We’re talking about MeeMeep: the smarter, simpler, seamless delivery marketplace that is putting the logic back into logistics.

MeeMeep started as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) delivery service that made use of half-empty cars and trucks driving around big cities. Recently, MeeMeep has evolved to focus more on the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, specifically, helping retailers deliver large and bulky items to consumers. MeeMeep has built up a very reliable network of independent drivers and commercial couriers who can deliver chairs, tables and other bulky items from retailers like Kmart – all while nailing the last mile of delivery with premium service.

MeeMeep is at the centre of three-way relationships between senders, receivers and movers. Today, there are over 100,000 end customers on the MeeMeep database, 5,000 Movers in the MeeMeep fleet, and a growing number of retailers at the enterprise and SME levels using the delivery platform.

“We sought a robust reporting and customer management platform that would integrate the contact details of the retailers generating the job, the delivery drivers moving the item, and the person at the receiving end. Salesforce emerged as the ideal solution,” said Justin Williams, CEO, MeeMeep.

Sales Cloud captures every new registration that comes in – whether it be a sender, receiver or mover. For example, when a mover is on-boarded, their Salesforce record will capture information such as the types of deliveries they do, the locations they work in, and all requisite verifications.

Day-to-day, when a delivery is generated in the system, an opportunity is created in Salesforce to show who has booked the job, who is delivering the item and who is receiving it. Service Cloud has been brought on board to deliver faster, more personalised service. It acts as MeeMeep’s ticketing system, and it also monitors agent performance statistics.

“Salesforce has given us new visibility into each and every job, and it’s transforming our customer support. If a customer gets in touch via our live chat and ticketing support, we can pull up every detail about the driver and share information about their delivery, as well as the driver’s past performance. It’s very important to us – we pride ourselves on great customer support so items can move from A to B most efficiently.”

With six employees focused on customer service and business growth, there was little time to spare for administration and reporting. Salesforce is now completely integrated with the MeeMeep website, keeping all customer information in one place without the need for manual upload. Each agent’s workload has been reduced by 75%.

“One of the main reasons we chose Salesforce was that we knew it could scale with us. Salesforce is a solid, robust platform that you can do anything you can imagine with. If there’s a need, then someone has had that need before and 99 times out 100, a solution is ready to go,”said Williams.


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