Salesforce gives us one central location for all of our membership data. It delivers amazing insights into our members’ needs, so we can continually improve our offering.”

Jonathan Coleman, Innovation and UX Manager

Panalitix provides the ultimate membership community experience

The leap from working in a top-tier accounting firm to starting your own practice can be very daunting. You go from having vast resources and support at your fingertips, to virtually starting from scratch. To help accountants answer any questions they may have, two accounting experts—Rob Nixon and Colin Dunn—formed Panalitix. Panalitix provides coaching, content and technology to new accounting firms and existing firms that want to grow. Via three levels of membership, members can access a wide array of tools and resources that get great results.

Given that Panalitix is a business built upon helping other businesses become the best they can be, customer service is paramount. Everything the company does is geared towards delivering a great customer experience—whatever stage in the journey the customer is at.

The journey typically starts with a question. For example, an accountant who is starting a practice may receive an email from Panalitix asking ‘Do you want to grow your business?’ or ‘Are you struggling to manage your time efficiently?’

Interest piqued, the accountant opens the email and follows the link through to the Panalitix Profit, Capacity & Growth landing page. Here, after answering a few questions, they can sign up for free to Panalitix’ education program—which includes weekly emails containing useful insights and videos. The more they engage Panalitix, the more value they get.

Behind the scenes, the nurture program is all automated and managed using Pardot. “Pardot is a set-and-forget program that lets us focus on growing our business. It pre-qualifies leads for us with accurate lead scoring. Those people that get a high lead score are passed across to our sales team—they are much more likely to join,” said Jonathan Coleman, Innovation and UX Manager, Panalitix.

The Panalitix nurture program, ‘Profit, Capacity and Growth’, is achieving great wins. Over half of those that signed up to the free program have converted into members.

When an accountant joins Panalitix, the relationship is managed using Salesforce. The Panalitix LearningHub, built on Litmos from the Salesforce AppExchange contains a range of online courses structured in a similar way to university degrees. It’s designed to give accountants easy access to valuable tools and resources that will help them grow their business.

Members’ progress on the Panalitix LearningHub is continually fed back into the central Salesforce dashboards. Panalitix can see exactly what courses a member has completed, and when. This makes it easy to follow up on members who may not be getting the most value from their membership, and to provide support when it’s needed.

“Before Salesforce, we spent so much time hand-holding people that turned out to be the wrong fit for Panalitix. It was a bad experience for both parties! Now, we know if someone is worth engaging with. There’s no time wasted, we have much more meaningful conversations, and the sales success rate has gone up, ” said Coleman.

With Salesforce, monthly recurring revenue is on the rise, while admin costs are getting lower thanks to the many efficiencies and automation opportunities of the platform.  Over 30 apps from the AppExchange are being used to drive efficiencies and improve the member experience—and they all tie back into the Salesforce platform.

“Salesforce gives us one central location for all of our membership data. It delivers amazing insights into our members’ needs, so we can continually improve our offering,” said Coleman.


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