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Assistive technologies can be life changing for customers, but obtaining the right solution can involve multiple stakeholders and be emotionally charged. Salesforce helps us reduce complexity and provide more personal service.”

Sally Farrow, General Manager, Para Mobility


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Para Mobility grows with Salesforce to make life more inclusive

As a manufacturer of assistive technologies, Para Mobility is committed to making life easier for those it serves. It helps educate individuals and organisations about assistive technologies and provides solutions tailored to their needs. Using Salesforce helps Para Mobility stay connected to customers as it grows and simplify the purchasing process for everyone involved.

“Assistive technologies can be life changing for customers, but obtaining the right solution can involve multiple stakeholders and be emotionally charged,” said Sally Farrow, General Manager of Para Mobility. “Salesforce helps us reduce complexity and provide more personal service.

Getting closer to customers

Para Mobility’s vision is to enable work, health and play to be inclusive for everyone. To make that possible, it works closely with families, healthcare providers, government bodies and private organisations and groups as diverse as the Crowne Plaza Hotels, SeaWorld and Sydney Children’s Hospital. Its products include car access systems and pool lifts – the latter of which was recently supplied for the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village.

The 35-year old business has made a positive impact in the lives of many, first as a family-owned business and more recently as part of the wider DNW Group. The Group acquired Para Mobility, seeing the opportunity to serve more customers, in Australia and overseas.

“We’re passionate about growing and making more people aware of the technologies we provide, and how they can support independence. Our first focus has been getting to know our existing customers, and making it easier for them to do business with us,” said Farrow.

In the past, Para Mobility’s customer knowledge was held by people; only invoicing contacts were formally documented. So, when Farrow joined after thirteen years of using Salesforce, she was quick to identify the need for a platform to manage relationships.

“Before Salesforce, we just had drawers of business cards. Customers, family members and therapists had explained who they were and who they were related to every time that they called. We needed a more effective way to capture and manage data, and gain a long-term view of the business,” said Farrow.

Using the data in Sales Cloud, Para Mobility is able to provide personal service to each stakeholder – whether they’re calling to discuss a new order or funding for an existing one. It can connect the dots when dealing with multiple contacts from the same business or family to meet their needs more effectively.

Working faster and smarter

Eighteen months after implementing Salesforce, Para Mobility has also digitised its sales processes for a massive boost in efficiency. Using Smart Cloud Connect from the Salesforce AppExchange, reps can quickly add leads and data to Sales Cloud without leaving their inbox.

Farrow said that the use of Salesforce had led to greater productivity. “With more data and better processes, we’re able to respond to customer enquiries within 24 hours as opposed to days in the past. We’ve also reduced our product delivery time to less than four weeks,” she said.

With a related 36% increase in manufacturing output, Para Mobility in a strong position to scale its impact. It plans to use Pardot to nurture new leads and automate customer journeys. “We’re very clear that our customers all have different needs and we want to tailor their journey based on their requirements,” said Farrow. “Salesforce gives us the insight and efficiency we need to succeed.”


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