With SalesforceIQ, we are able to build more personal relationships with our customers.”

Beau Adams, Sales Director

For over 20 years, Roses Only has delighted Australians with deliveries of exquisite floral arrangements and other treats. The iconic floral retailer – which also offers a wide selection of hampers and gifts – distributes a staggering number of flowers every year. In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, for example, 650,000 long-stemmed roses rest in a 600m2 refrigerator in Roses Only’s Sydney distribution centre, waiting to be delivered.

Yet there’s much more to the company than the delivery of roses to loved ones. Corporate gifting is a growing area within the Roses Only Group, and business is blooming. Each week, the Roses Only corporate team process up to 1,000 orders, which range from single roses to the most elaborate customised hampers.

To cultivate the growth of the corporate side of the business, Beau Adams, Sales Director, could see great potential in transforming the way that the sales team nurtures relationships with prospective customers. Within a month of joining Roses Only, Adams had SalesforceIQ up and running.

Roses Only’s small corporate sales team manages a large, nationwide list of prospective customers. Prior to SalesforceIQ, the list was managed in spreadsheets on Google Docs. Between them, the team would be sending out hundreds of emails every day and making many phone calls. There was no way for Adams and his team to track this correspondence with all prospective customers.

SalesforceIQ was up and running in a day or two, and proved so easy to use that there was no interruption to the team’s daily work. SalesforceIQ automatically tracks and analyses the hundreds of day-to-day interactions between the Roses Only sales team and its corporate prospects. It creates a unified address book for the team, tracks progress by process or pipeline, and generates real-time relationship insights.

Once a prospective client has moved through the sales funnel, they are migrated to another list of managed clients. Roses Only Account Managers use SalesforceIQ in a similar way, drawing on Relationship Intelligence for alerts on when to reach out to existing customers.

“With SalesforceIQ, we have the ability to give every one of our customers the sense that they are the one and only. It helps us strengthen personal relationships with our customers, and uphold the same level of service, day in, day out.”

For example, if one of the Account Managers is sick, another team member can easily step in, identify key tasks for the day, pull up customer records, and proactively keep the relationship on track.

SalesforceIQ has only been in place for a few months, yet already the results are telling. The sales team has experienced significant time savings, a more consistent level of service and far greater visibility into the sales pipeline.

“If I went through manually and looked at all the email correspondence from the team out to prospects, it would take up to a day to make sense of it all. With SalesforceIQ, I get the information I need in an instant – so it’s effectively freeing up a day of admin every week,” said Adams.

With the peak Christmas and Valentines Day season behind them, they are exploring ways to connect SalesforceIQ with the broader Roses Only ordering system to gain insights into what customers have ordered, and when.

“Helping others with their gifting is quite a joyous job – and we’ve now got SalesforceIQ here to make it even easier. I can’t imagine working without it now, and I anticipate that Salesforce will be part of Roses Only’s growth into the future.”


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