By using data-based marketing to explore new channels, we want our marketing to be the most innovative in the entire banking sector.”

– Anja Stolz, Head of Marketing and Communication in the Retail Banking Division

Commerzbank: The most innovative marketing in the entire banking sector

The banking sector is currently in the middle of an enormous upheaval, as new opportunities provided by apps and smartphones pose major challenges to established suppliers like Commerzbank. Commerzbank is changing its business model, switching from being a branch bank to a multi-channel bank, to ensure that it not only remains one of the leading banks in Germany in the future, but also to significantly increase its market share in the retail banking sector. That is why the bank is taking advantage of the opportunities arising from digitalization while continuing to provide face-to-face advice at its branches.

Part of this strategy includes introducing a Salesforce solution for lead management. "We have a lot of potential clients. But so far, we have not had any systematic, automated way of addressing those potential clients, so a lot of client potential remained unused," explains Anja Stolz, Head of Marketing and Communications at Commerzbank's Retail Banking Division. "The key factors when choosing a solution were a rapid time-to-market and efficiency in acquiring new clients. In this context, strict compliance with data protection and a future connection to other systems also need to be guaranteed."

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud meet these exact requirements. This means that Commerzbank will be able to systematically address the main barriers to lead conversion. Consolidating all the available data from all the sources in the lead pool, based on Sales Cloud and transparency across each lead and every campaign, as well as process automation. Implementing lead management and the digital marketing concepts are based on clear priorities. "Key factors include combining an integrated, personalized, multi-channel approach as well as mapping the entire Customer Journey from the initial contact through to signing up for the product," explains Stolz.

But this is not enough: With the first mobile app in the banking sector particularly aimed at potential clients, Commerzbank wants to offer potential clients customized content and genuine added value, so that later, when facing a financial decision, they remember the bank positively and become clients in the short, medium, or long term. "We're currently changing the way we do marketing. By using data-based marketing to explore new channels, we want our marketing to be the most innovative in the entire banking sector," concludes Stolz.


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