Salesforce India's customer service software

As customers demand better service, delivered through every conceivable channel, Salesforce India steps up with second-to-none Customer Service Software solutions for Call Center CRM and Help Desk Management.

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How does our "Software as a Service" model win over outmoded traditional Customer Support Software?

Salesforce India's Software as-a-Service establishes the industry standard for call centre CRM and customer self-service. With SaaS, your business acquires an ease and functionality that will maximise the productivity of every help desk agent—and deliver customer satisfaction across every channel.

Subscription over the web. Salesforce India's CRM Customer Service & Support is delivered by subscription over the web, so there's no onsite hardware or IT department, and no lengthy deployment cycle to impede you, your support agents, or your customers.

Ease of use. For simplicity, no customer service software comes close to our call center CRM support software. Its renowned ease of use and functionality means agents need less training, resolutions are speedier, and customers stay happy.

Flexibility. With the power of our platform, Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support can easily adapt to your own particular customer service challenges and needs - and the way that you do business. This stands in stark contrast with conventional customer support software.

How can Salesforce India's CRM software make your business excel in customer service?

The Salesforce CRM is a Customer Relationship Management System that provides a 360-degree view of your customer, from the perspective of sales, marketing, customer service, channel management, and more—resources your team needs to deliver superior customer experiences in India.

Make Every Agent Successful. Agent productivity and efficiency are self-reinforcing and ensure high resolution rates and happy customers. Your call centre staff will not only achieve greater success with, they will sustain it.

Get Complete Customer Visibility. Agents need insight into every customer interaction. In addition to everything happening in the call centre itself, our Customer Service Software-as-a-service reveals a true 360-degree view of what's transpiring on the phone, online, across sales and marketing, and even in the back office. Your agents will be all-knowing customer service superstars.

Do More With Fewer Clicks. Customer service software gives your business powerful automation and streamlining tools that are as easy to use as popular consumer Web sites. This means less training, faster ramp-up time, and first-contact resolution rates that conventional customer support software just can't match.

Take The Pulse Of Performance. Powerful analytics tools inside customer service software from Salesforce India gives your business the ability to stay on top of response times and service quality. Use powerful reports and dashboards to track service interactions, agent performance, and customer issues. Our reports and dashboards are designed to be as easy to create as they are to customise.

The Ultimate Customer Self-Service Solution

Customer Portal: State of The Art Customer Self-Service Software

Drawing on the ease and power of Web 2.0 consumer innovations, Customer Service Software from Salesforce India offers a world class innovation: a self-service portal where customers can obtain high-quality help and training themselves, at a lower cost to you.

Salesforce's Self-Service can empower your business by offering your customers a forum for sharing ideas, help, and feedback with your community—an advantage that outmoded on-premise customer support software just can't deliver. With Salesforce India CRM, your customers gain a louder voice and greater sense of participation, both of which translate into higher satisfaction and loyalty.


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Service Cloud

Support every customer.
Anytime. Anywhere.

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Service Cloud
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Manage your customer service
center from anywhere.

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Always on, always connected.
The future of customer service is here.

Always on, always connected. The future of customer service is here.

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Service Cloud allows you to deliver revolutionary customer service from anywhere, anytime, on any device. So you can embed one-touch service directly into products. It’s the full power and functionality of Service Cloud wherever you are.

Whether you're on your desktop or on the go, you have everything you need to be more productive, resolve more cases, and satisfy your customers.

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Experience the powerful features of the
world's smartest customer service app.

Service Cloud Features

Explore all 7 features or view as a list ›

The world's #1 customer service app.

Why Salesforce?

40% agent productivity


Connect agents to customers through the agent console and deliver amazing service on every channel.

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See how Activision does it ›

34% customer satisfaction


Go where customer service has never gone before. Inside mobile apps.

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34% customer retention


Create rich, vibrant communities where customers help each other and themselves.

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Service Cloud Communities

Every industry. Any size. See success in action.

"We need to interact with customers in the ways that work best for them."
– Tim Rondeau, Senior Director, Customer Care, Activision

Editions & pricing

Editions & pricing





Basic customisation for any size business


(billed annually)

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Includes the following features:

Case management

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Web and email capture

Mobile access

Reports & analytics

Auto-suggested solutions

Case auto-assignment & escalation

Customisable dashboards

Content library

Email integration

Sales features such as opportunities & customisable forecasting

Most popular




Deep customisation for comprehensive support


(billed annually)

Try for FREE ›

Includes all Professional features


Service Cloud Console

Service contracts and entitlements

Knowledge base **

Web chat **

Salesforce Communities for Service **

Social customer service ***

Workflow & approvals

Visual workflow

Call scripting

Case team collaboration

Integration via Web Services API

Developer sandbox

Offline access

Enterprise analytics

Salesforce Identity





Unlimited CRM power and support


(billed annually)

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Get all Enterprise features


Unlimited customisations

Unlimited custom apps

Multiple sandboxes

Additional data storage

24x7 toll-free support

Access to 100+ admin services

Unlimited online training


Bundle Pricing: Service & Sales Cloud

Over $600 in value


Integrated knowledge base

Live web chat

Goals, coaching, and rewards for teams

Single console view for Inside Sales

Access to new contacts and accounts

Auto data cleansing

Additional sandboxes + more storage



Fully integrated sales
and service platform


/user/month* (billed annually)

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* All per user products require an annual contract.
** Available for an additional fee.
*** Available as a downloadable application via the AppExchange.
† Available for customers with 200+ Performance Edition licenses.
‡ All editions have a minimum of 1GB of data and 11GB of file storage shared by all users. Additional storage is available on a per-user basis for each edition. For more information download the full edition comparison chart.

Additional resources

Additional resources

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Give agents the power to work together in real time.

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Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud 

Monitor social media and turn rants into raves.

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Build your own indispensible customer service apps.

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LOOKING FOR A SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTION?'s all-in-one customer service application is built for small and growing support teams. Deliver exceptional support in a social, mobile world, tame overflowing inboxes and win more customers for life.

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New: Winter '14 The latest Salesforce release is loaded with new social and mobile features.

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