is the helpdesk solution that helps you help your customers. Below are questions we hear a lot.’s out-of-the-box customer support app lets fast-growing businesses offer personalised service on every channel. With intuitive agent tools, powerful reporting, and a streamlined mobile app, you can offer fast, helpful customer service as your business grows. comes with all the tools you need to keep customers happy. Use productivity tools to help them faster and easily create a self-service help center so they can find answers on their own. also gives you the insights you need to improve your support team performance and make smart business decisions. customers get started in an average of 2 days. Some in just hours! Set up is so easy that you don’t need dedicated IT resources or expensive consultants to help out.

Yes. You can help customers and keep an eye on your business from anywhere with end-to-end case management on the mobile app. And, our support centers have responsive templates so customers can access self-service content and find their own solutions from their mobile phones.

View and respond to every customer inquiry from one universal inbox. offers support for email, phone, chat, web forms, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Yes. is designed to meet the challenges faced by fast-growing companies. It is ready to go out-of-the-box with workflow in place and support features already connected. As small businesses grow and mature, customer service needs evolve to require more extensive customisation and enterprise-level analytics, which Service Cloud delivers. Even better, when your small business is ready to graduate and move into these additional customer service needs, the migration path between and Service Cloud is effortless.

Yes. With shared data in Salesforce standard objects, there’s no need to move data from one system to another, so the upgrade path between and Service Cloud is effortless. It’s called Desk Connect for Salesforce.

Switching between plans is easy and you can upgrade at any time. Keep in mind, though, that downgrading will mean losing certain features, and you will have to disable those features before the downgrade can be processed with our team. Also, if you’ve prepaid, we can’t refund or credit payment to your account.

Our Business Plus Plan is for companies that need enterprise-grade tools including custom roles and permissions, Canvas integrations, a mobile SDK and interactive dashboards so you can do more with your data and make decisions quickly. As our most popular plan, the Pro Plan is for fast-growing companies that want advanced reporting capabilities, easy multi-brand help centers, and flex agent hours for your part-time users. The Standard Plan is the out-of-the-box solution that includes the crucial customer support features and productivity tools that small businesses need.

Need a little extra help for your support team, but just part of the time? Flex agent licenses give you all the functionality of a full agent, but you only pay for the hours used. Available to our Pro and Business customers, pricing starts at $1.75/hour.

It’s easy to get your account configured, customised, and looking just the way you want it. You can do it yourself or get help from our experts with everything from account set-up to support-site design, data import, and custom API scripts.

By sharing the same standard objects both in Salesforce and, everyone in your company can focus on delivering the best customer experience. Even better, anyone can get real-time reports and dashboards directly in Salesforce and in Business Insights.

It’s easy to extend the power of with easy integration to partner apps for bug tracking, live chat, e-commerce, and many more.